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My Office Tour 2021
2 maanden geleden
The Safari Pictures
The Safari Pictures 14 uur geleden
it is pretty unique these guys have a Bachelor in theology. love this channel.
wade whitear
wade whitear 14 uur geleden
Is it better to work with someone on a wedding shoot or by yourself?
Pargesparrow 15 uur geleden
You both have that possitive vibe. I think of Dwight from the office everytime I see your cheeks ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kutrovski 15 uur geleden
I'm going to be honest Matti... I found your guys' Vimeo years before you started NLblock and that was a huge inspiration when I started shooting weddings. I loved your work and was pivotal to growing my wedding work. It was crazy when I was watching your channel regularly and you mentioned your weddings!
TechMyLifeVideo 15 uur geleden
Shame for songwriters that music continues to be devalued.
Zamora 15 uur geleden
Wow you guys are so good. Please do not ever let Teppo live this channel, your vibe is so fresh and your vlog went from 100% to 200% ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช
MIRAJUL ISLAM 15 uur geleden
Edwin Bustamante
Edwin Bustamante 15 uur geleden
Just posted my newest videos. Just trying to get better each and every time.
Aiman Rosli
Aiman Rosli 15 uur geleden
would love to see some of the videos you guys made in the early years
Ryo sakana ใ‚„ใ•
Is it me or thereโ€™s not much difference here?
IVENtures 16 uur geleden
nice review Matti, i enjoyed watching it
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 16 uur geleden
Hopojja Bros. !!!!!
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 16 uur geleden
Good advice. Thank you. And Theology graduates. Go Theology!
Jesper Matti
Jesper Matti 16 uur geleden
I run davinci and love it! Fast and smoothe!
Eli Fish Films
Eli Fish Films 17 uur geleden
you should make a vlog all in finnish
Eli Fish Films
Eli Fish Films 17 uur geleden
ok, i literally had no idea that matti was an absolute shreder on rollar blades, what the heck !?
Faishal Monir
Faishal Monir 17 uur geleden
I miss the bigger smaller video . Alps video with pete . ๐Ÿ™„
Austin Gregory
Austin Gregory 18 uur geleden
Didnโ€™t realize yโ€™all went to Bible college. Pretty awesome thing guys!
Sean Irick
Sean Irick 19 uur geleden
Ok one very important ? I have is, even tho the 12 pro is better images and video my ? Is is it even noticable when viewing on the phone itself since the screen resolution is the same? I can see the difference alot more if viewing on a large monitor.
Matรญas Macotinsky
Matรญas Macotinsky 19 uur geleden
How is this different from the software horizon leveling in the go pro?
Matรญas Macotinsky
Matรญas Macotinsky 19 uur geleden
Tbh i also bought it and dont use it... that will be until they release a effing selfie stick..
Tanner Biggan
Tanner Biggan 19 uur geleden
all of your tips were pretty much exactly what I have been doing with my wedding videos. I was thinking them before you said them because they're so true and right! I had to do so many free ones to build a portfolio and even did my first wedding not knowing what I was doing but like you said, I faked it till I made it haha just takes lots of hard work.
Ryan Green
Ryan Green 19 uur geleden
Waiting for this to be renamed "The Matti & Teppo Show" Awesome conversation guys!
Arrow Vlogs
Arrow Vlogs 19 uur geleden
if i'm being honest, i love these videos don't get me wrong, but i'm missing the footage from the eos r... i loved the colors and the grade that you did. but still, great video!
REVIEWSONTHERUN 19 uur geleden
Interesting! Cool video. โœŒ๏ธ
Arrow Vlogs
Arrow Vlogs 19 uur geleden
no joke almost every video you have posted since you and your brother started working together, all the videos have you two opening a fat can of bubbly water! lol
Julian R
Julian R 19 uur geleden
The Haapoja brothers sounds like your next show guys!
Jamin Levan
Jamin Levan 20 uur geleden
I couldn't agree more. I just published a video myself of filming weddings in 2020 which was a tough year to begin with and this tips hit the nail on the head.
FamilyandMuscle 20 uur geleden
Degree in theology. This explains a lot about your vibes. I say that In a respectful positive way. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ
Matthew Hadley
Matthew Hadley 20 uur geleden
This was such a timely video. Iโ€™m exactly where you guys were at during the start. I have a wedding or two under my belt and a few other projects, but trying to get momentum both as a freelancer and as a NLblockr. Appreciate the advice! Also, Iโ€™d I also went to Bible college and then returned for my Mdiv. Would love to hear about that part of your life at some point!
Luis - VIVE LA FOTO 20 uur geleden
I think sony a7iii does as well
Michelle H
Michelle H 20 uur geleden
Thatโ€™s awesome you have your bachelors in theology!! What Bible college!?
Sam Nadeau
Sam Nadeau 21 uur geleden
This was the perfect video for me to see right now, so encouraging. I literally just started my own production company with my friend, and itโ€™s awesome to see something like this right now! Thank you for this!
Jimmy Boily
Jimmy Boily 21 uur geleden
Nice aleop mizu reverst out ! good trick !
Styles Extraordinaire
Styles Extraordinaire 21 uur geleden
Yo! My boy "T" is the bomb! Dope skating fellas!
Jhonssy Moreno
Jhonssy Moreno 21 uur geleden
I feel that you have a mirror in front of you guys ahhahhahhae
Susan Michaelson
Susan Michaelson 22 uur geleden
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Audery Lane
Audery Lane 13 uur geleden
@George Wilson I tried trading on my own but it only left chasing shadows
George Wilson
George Wilson 18 uur geleden
@Carlos James I lost ยฃ1200 carelessly trading on a platform then I was referred to Mr Kent Fronek he recovered the loss and made an extra profit of ยฃ4600
Carlos James
Carlos James 19 uur geleden
@Lauren George Trading on your own is very risky l've lost alot trading for my self
Lauren George
Lauren George 19 uur geleden
Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professhional is not
Ben Roland
Ben Roland 19 uur geleden
@Alex Charles Thanks for he's contact info I'll get to him right away
Taikun787 22 uur geleden
I have a BA in Theology and an M.Div. You guys are so inspiring to me. Hopefully one day I'll be as good as y'all.
Peter 22 uur geleden
You using the phone camera or other camera app?
Kyle Heilig
Kyle Heilig 22 uur geleden
Did you rent cameras starting out or just go with what you had? Any recommendations for equipment?
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
Some great tips in here. I used to shoot some weddings and they are SO. MUCH. HARD. WORK. Stay patient, kind, and grind it out.
MicrophonicFool 22 uur geleden
Hosers Skate!
Peter Demuth
Peter Demuth 23 uur geleden
You are so enthusiastic about your topic that I keep watching although I will never freelance as a filmmaker. Enjoy the day...
Joshua Faleatua
Joshua Faleatua 23 uur geleden
So good
Brian the Filmmaker
Brian the Filmmaker 23 uur geleden
I'm in my 4th year of building my video company. I do most of it solo bringing in other freelancers. First year was about $15k, second year was $30k, last year was $20k (thanks Covid) and this year I'm aiming to hit $40k. My best path to success has been building referrals with weddings (wedding shows are a waste of money unless you're massively good at hard selling), and commercially my biggest success has been building partnerships with marketing companies and website developers to have them sell to their clients for a commission and I fulfill the orders. Those are really what I've been working on since the pandemic started and it's starting to bear some fruit. Partnerships are key, especially if you're not big into the sales process yourself. I still undervalue my time quite a lot. I'm starting to turn down the penny pinching clients. Had a few last year that just sucked the life out of me and really broke me of accepting the penny pinchers.
Romi Schmieder
Romi Schmieder 23 uur geleden
BRASIL thanks for give this drone for someone from here.In this place it costs 2886,00 American dollars and the tings are really bad for productions companies from here thanks again. love your work
Zar pas
Zar pas Dag geleden
Yeah, but what about prints? Specially large prints. I see a lot of comparisons like this around but none show the final product, prints. Which are the reason real cameras are meant for. Posting on IG is nowhere near a 13"x19" print, sorry. Let alone the device functionality. I enjoyed the video, bro. Cheers.
Claudio Desideri Films
I don't have color issues with my premiere exports (at least I believe) but I do have problems with youtube. Once I upload it, some colors of the video look twice as saturated ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ So annoying. Have anyone ever had the same issue?
nickagrinzone Dag geleden
Currently building mine up right now, and just getting into the phase of charging what I deserve to be paid. The importance of personal connection like you mentioned is so important. I've been recommended for most of my work through simple Word of Mouth or clients sharing our project on social media. Even on social media, I switched up my focus from my business IG to my personal IG and the engagement has literally doubled since I made that switch
Jay F
Jay F Dag geleden
You Haapoja brothers are alright! Keep up the great work.
Tricia's Kitchen Official Channel
Thanks for sharing... I am new NLblockr, just start out learning filming and editing. Learned a lot from your videos ๐Ÿ‘
David Sustaita
David Sustaita Dag geleden
Thatโ€™s cool that you guys studied theology! Hope you guys are still going strong in your faith!
Linh Pham
Linh Pham Dag geleden
I got 6/7 it was easy but I did own an iPhone so...
saurabh anjarlekar
saurabh anjarlekar Dag geleden
Thanks a ton. This was so heapful
Just Robin
Just Robin Dag geleden
You guys are killing it on rollerblades!๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿ”ฅ
Awais Wattoo
Awais Wattoo Dag geleden
I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love the brothers' energy and vibe together !
MikeyCreator Dag geleden
I can definitely agree with the more you charge, you get better clients. Had one bridezilla which was my first wedding and holy crap was she annoying lol
LilJoker247 Dag geleden
Soooooo I loved your videos and have from the Travel Feels day but you Rollerblade????? YES I love it being a blader myself this really made me smile. If you ever get a few seconds I have a few OLD edits of me and my friends and also a few promo edits is did for my local derby team.
jgharper1 Dag geleden
Bringing out the BOOTS! My cousins and I used to RIP it (or at least try) back in the day. A week or two ago one of my cousins bought the new release of the retro Razor Cults after not being on blades for like a decade. They are SICK! It's got me wondering if I might strap up and go see if I still got it (just need to up my health insurance coverage first - I'm in the US). Lovin' the vibes of the videos as bros. All about family my dude.
Luis Mangubat
Luis Mangubat Dag geleden
Any tips for starting a freelance business during Ontario restrictions?
Saeed Ahmed40
Saeed Ahmed40 Dag geleden
Record button in Bangla is record button so... I would have to find it beforehand lol
Edwin Cobb
Edwin Cobb Dag geleden
And it's Andrew Kramer here! That guy is a legend. Inspired me so much and still does. Glad to know you learned from him. ๐Ÿ‘
flash skaters
flash skaters Dag geleden
how do you make skating video better than me???? incredible always inspire me to go harder
Sebastian Savoy
Sebastian Savoy Dag geleden
Love it! But you should wear helmets tho ๐Ÿ˜…
Teppo Haapoja
Teppo Haapoja Dag geleden
We sure have come a long way from 2009 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ glad no one can see the videos we were making back then.
Tommi H
Tommi H Dag geleden
Helmets Boys
Sian Pearce Gordon
Sian Pearce Gordon Dag geleden
Maybe a little humility?
Isaac Chamings
Isaac Chamings Dag geleden
Would you use a smaller lens to shoot a car launching from close up into the distance? To make it look like the launch is faster?
Craig Richards
Craig Richards Dag geleden
The blading was awesome Iโ€™m a bladder and photographer from Australia ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
Shea Lewis
Shea Lewis Dag geleden
Love the blade edit bro. More please
Oliver Gibbs
Oliver Gibbs Dag geleden
Great tips Matti! My dream would be able to do film and photo full time in the future and so thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m starting now at a young age!
Optopolis Dag geleden
And nowadays its the completely free stuff is the stuff that youll have websites with 20 songs LOL (Except YT Studio perhaps :) )
Caleb Keller
Caleb Keller Dag geleden
What the heck since when๐Ÿ˜‚ why has it taken this long to show us dope rollerblading vids!
Sam Holland
Sam Holland Dag geleden
LOVE both of you together. Good to hear your stories from past experiences. So funny!
AnnaLois Sibanda
AnnaLois Sibanda Dag geleden
Teppo a year is tooooo short. Letโ€™s make it 2 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ayoub Sabri
Ayoub Sabri Dag geleden
Thank u for ur honesty guys ๐Ÿ™
Eddie Fernandez
Eddie Fernandez Dag geleden
These guys singlehandedly revived agressive inline rollerblading.
Ryan Lawless
Ryan Lawless Dag geleden
Honestly, of all the things that I've seen the two of you do over the course of your respective NLblock journeys, your inline skating skills are the most inspiring yet. Your confidence and competence shine through in your skating. Did you find that the discipline and dedication to mastering inline skating transfer over to mastering photography and videography? I would love to hear if there was any cross-pollination from one to the other in your opinions. I think it would be fascinating to hear your skating origin stories. Great video today.
Kyra James
Kyra James Dag geleden
Holy I had no clue people did that stuff on rollerblades you guys are masters!!!
Michael Hodge
Michael Hodge Dag geleden
Simple and honest advice. TY