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My Office Tour 2021
Maand geleden
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 41 minuut geleden
ngl, stopped watching when they mentioned no side access
JCG Productions
JCG Productions Uur geleden
Awesome video Matti and Pete's backpack looks sick.
Jim Pittman
Jim Pittman Uur geleden
I guessed it all
Jody Waddle
Jody Waddle Uur geleden
Original bag is Peter bag is Matti sized.
DanTe Uur geleden
that kid is so adorable. I'll definitely consider getting a DJI
John Farel
John Farel 2 uur geleden
Battery life I’ve found is significantly better than the new SE. Coming from the new SE I feel like the screen size is perfect on the mini and was a little too small on the SE. in terms of the mini’s shape, I don’t think it’s as beautiful as the SE design but it’s a much better phone if you don’t mind pay a good bit more. It’s also brighter than my SE so great for using outside on sunny days. It really is the perfect size phone.
Tôi nói về tâm linh chữa lành
Not just about monitor's resolution, the Internet seems not support me too. 144p is fine. 🤣🤣🤣
Nathaniel Keomanila
Nathaniel Keomanila 3 uur geleden
I always forget how tall Peter is!
Santiago Rinaldi
Santiago Rinaldi 3 uur geleden
Nathaniel Keomanila
Nathaniel Keomanila 3 uur geleden
Awesome video Matti! Literally just got hired for a job to be a NLblock creator for a real estate company
David Harris
David Harris 4 uur geleden
I need a hydration pack with a 2 liter bladder and hose, that can also hold a camera and lunch. Work on it Peter! Some climates are hot.
Ladman Studios
Ladman Studios 4 uur geleden
Love this bag, cant wait to get it! PRE ORDERED AF
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins 4 uur geleden
Love the look of this backpack, it’s definitely something I would invest in when I have the money. What coat are you wearing matti, would love to get one!?
Onedge TV
Onedge TV 4 uur geleden
I need new friends lol
RJ DUMAS 4 uur geleden
Thanks for sharing! It's pretty cool to see your progression over the years.
Travis Blue
Travis Blue 5 uur geleden
ASMR snacking, sponsored by Nomatic
Joshua Ruiz
Joshua Ruiz 5 uur geleden
This is the way
Leah Tay
Leah Tay 5 uur geleden
This aged well 👍🏼
Corey Wirth
Corey Wirth 5 uur geleden
1:30 is this the himbo twins or something
Tiffany Hooks
Tiffany Hooks 5 uur geleden
Love the size of it. Watched Chris Hau for his take. Really glad Lizzie tried it on to get an idea how it looks on us ladies.
James 5 uur geleden
You & your bro are hilarious together. Love this duo.
Miguel Osterroht
Miguel Osterroht 5 uur geleden
I really like side access, when you are hiking and want to switch lens for example, no need to stop, put the backpack down, open the whole compartment. Especially in muddy trails.
Matt Middleton
Matt Middleton 6 uur geleden
Anyone ever said you look like Kevin Magnussen the F1 driver? I was watching drive to survive on netflix and thought this
Michael Moerkamp
Michael Moerkamp 6 uur geleden
Reason why i didnt start a youtube channel is because i have no computer lol this is my next investment🙏
Allen Olayiwola
Allen Olayiwola 6 uur geleden
Awesome video Matt! @Peter is the best!
陈欣洋 6 uur geleden
Lol wouldn't it be great if you two did a full video in Finnish
Harekas Singh
Harekas Singh 6 uur geleden
Peter should start tutorial classes😂😂
Breanne.22 7 uur geleden
I love iPhone photography I have the iPhone 12 Pro gold 🤍💛
CanYouHandlebar 7 uur geleden
Pledged for a snack bag yesterday. Very excited!
Halo Halo Hikers
Halo Halo Hikers 8 uur geleden
Pretty dope! I already have his ND filters and drink his coffee, I might as well rock his bag too I suppose!
Stephen Swisher
Stephen Swisher 8 uur geleden
Unless that onewheel is badgered you’re risking some serious water damage there! Great video!
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 9 uur geleden
Steve 9 uur geleden
Great video and extremely helpful! Question for you: which video editing software did you use to create this presentation? I've subscribed and will receive notifications. Yay!!
Gin Fa Le
Gin Fa Le 9 uur geleden
What's that rain jacket? 🌧
Aadnan Zaman
Aadnan Zaman 9 uur geleden
Is the Intro shot with a Go 2 or an X2?
Tangjin BH4FDJ
Tangjin BH4FDJ 9 uur geleden
Anyone knows the info for the rainjacket? That's so cool
Nel Massachs
Nel Massachs 9 uur geleden
“Roses are dead” “Violets are dying” “Outside I’m smiling” “But inside I’m crying” “I don’t ask you anything, just if you want, give my GoProvids a chance and youll see....”
The Total Thom
The Total Thom 9 uur geleden
Aftab Hussain Warraich☺️☺️☺️❤️
kamikaze cho
kamikaze cho 9 uur geleden
anybody knows Matt's height is? I need reference for how big the bag is. I am 5'8
Jacob T. Stone
Jacob T. Stone 10 uur geleden
NEED this bag haha Just need the money first lol
Caleb Bachman
Caleb Bachman 10 uur geleden
Teppo is an 11 on the likability scale.
Kanji lahp
Kanji lahp 10 uur geleden
Can we get a video without filter or any edits. . I just want to see the actual color and quality of the camera. .
SlaytheMinion 10 uur geleden
I bought 4 months ago the Backpack Pro from DB... Yeah, I think I will buy a new one in 6 Months. This Backpack has everything I miss at the Backpack pro...
Felipe Siegel Reyes
Felipe Siegel Reyes 10 uur geleden
hi guys, nice video. Where did u get that platform for pin up the go pro? thanks from Chile!
Fergie Looloo
Fergie Looloo 10 uur geleden
I love this drone ....
RGMG 10 uur geleden
Hah! Teppo was waiting for that OneWheel box to be opened! 😂😂 OneWheel hooked you guys up. Now, just keep this one off the docks. 👍. Though, must admit dock riding is it myself as well. 👍
TechEd 10 uur geleden
Just backed this on Kickstarter. I also hate the Velcro dividers. They never stay put. I think the cubes are a great idea and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I also have to support a couple of great guys along the way!
Ashlee Major Moss
Ashlee Major Moss 10 uur geleden
Loved this, never even considered getting the osmo pocket before this. I'd love to see a review for the Pocket VS point and shoot cameras like the Sony ZV-1 which was also made for vlogging.
Dean Nilvalli
Dean Nilvalli 11 uur geleden
B roll is the new A roll.
Creative Ryan
Creative Ryan 11 uur geleden
Good classic vibes with the homies together! Best vlogs 🤘🏼
Rebel Patriot_nc_91
Rebel Patriot_nc_91 11 uur geleden
you need a shallow tote for that one-wheel lol
Cody Mont
Cody Mont 11 uur geleden
Thinking about pre-ordering this so that I can review it.Think this would make a good first review for my channel? Still not sure if I'm knowledgeable enough to start reviewing camera stuff.... ...been dealing with a bit of impostor syndrome lately. C'est Normal stuff is looking good!!
i'm MrBlue
i'm MrBlue 11 uur geleden
porque el se rie por todo
Paul Syng
Paul Syng 12 uur geleden
*opens Amazon and places order
Paul Syng
Paul Syng 12 uur geleden
Take my money!
Raul Filea
Raul Filea 12 uur geleden
You guys are awesome! The more I watch you two doing stuff together, the more I realize me and a friend look almost like you! :P
KJZRO24 ON-THE-BALL 12 uur geleden
Freddy 12 uur geleden
I want the snack bag...
Adrian Aye
Adrian Aye 12 uur geleden
white shoes with black on black on black is the fit
Brent Rivers
Brent Rivers 12 uur geleden
Love the PD tripod strapped to the backpack on the Kickstarter page. That's a plus 100 right there.
EX0stasis 13 uur geleden
3:42 Hey that looks like a Graham Stephen NLblock video.
William Alexander
William Alexander 13 uur geleden
Alright I Need that umbrella lol plus the bag
Michal Kedzierski
Michal Kedzierski 13 uur geleden
I'll never understand why rich NLblockrs like Matti get free products from companies like Onewheel. Matti already has had 2 one wheels why can't he buy the third himself? I mean he can afford a Tesla right? These companies should instead be doing monthly giveaways to people like me who aren't able to afford such toys rather than giving them to rich NLblockrs. (BTW I'm not hating on Matti, long time fan here)* And I know it's basically like an AD for Onewheel but still, imagine the great reputation you'd have if you gave these away to the general population.
Viva Media Inc.
Viva Media Inc. 13 uur geleden
That is a really slick backpack. We tend to carry all our gear in Nanuk (Made in Canada) hard cases and don't really use backpacks too much. But that is really really slick. Also thinking we have to get a one wheel as a camera platform haha
Hugo Canosa
Hugo Canosa 13 uur geleden
Wait was Peter always that tall? 😂
Mak Dee
Mak Dee 14 uur geleden
15:32 hahahaha I really love this part 😆 snack bag is really good! 😁Great back pack Peter! 👏🏼
Further 14 uur geleden
4:48 - the good old days )
Hoag 14 uur geleden
"Why don't other companies have nice boxes?" 🤣 **see MSRP of backpack
rästik 14 uur geleden
Michael Clar
Michael Clar 14 uur geleden
Thumbs up just for Kai! What an adorable child!
Grant Vogel
Grant Vogel 14 uur geleden
No ones using switch pods anymore huh? I thought you guys loooooved them.
Jorge Padilla
Jorge Padilla 14 uur geleden
Started now working on consistency and getting better too
Andrew Farris
Andrew Farris 14 uur geleden
bro, either peter is VERY tall, or Matti is shorter than i thought lol
Sumon T
Sumon T 14 uur geleden
So matti, did you get the office tour
srikanth 14 uur geleden
Peter should’ve collaborated with Jon Olsson on the bag.
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston 14 uur geleden
Okay so how tall are you Matti and how tall is Peter?
Michael Rodnick
Michael Rodnick 15 uur geleden
Ok so, this is the first time I realized the height difference between Peter and Matti haha.
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston 15 uur geleden
Peter the gray. Wizard of cameras.
Ian Sheppard
Ian Sheppard 15 uur geleden
Backed the bag and sling on Kickstarter. Can't wait.