Beginner FPV Tips I Wish I knew Starting Out 

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23 mrt. 2021




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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja 22 dagen geleden
Bad news I just crashed my DJI FPV into water 😢 I’m still sad. Eating my emotions away.
FilmingPanda 2 dagen geleden
Most important question. Could you save the clip?
Jeff Rhatigan
Jeff Rhatigan 4 dagen geleden
@Deep Focus Clips I actually just got drone insurance, will even cover if I can't retrieve (in case of water dives! lol)
Deep Focus Clips
Deep Focus Clips 4 dagen geleden
You need the care refresh package ! doesnt mather in what state you send it in! you will get a new one! trust me i have crashed four drones already (4 mavic pro's) and now i bought the dji fpv
Jeff Rhatigan
Jeff Rhatigan 17 dagen geleden
Same dude... just uploaded my 3rd NLblock video ever highlighting said event. 😢 yet still recommending people buy one 😆
Marshall V
Marshall V 20 dagen geleden
I feel for you.. that sucks..
WayNorth Drones
WayNorth Drones 13 dagen geleden
Good looking video and cool shots with the drone. Wow it can move fast and turn sharp. Thanks for the tips and ideas, always good to share. We enjoyed watching your video, thank you for sharing.
Jaypey Poupou
Jaypey Poupou 16 dagen geleden
I just bought the DJI FPV Drone very impressed! 🇨🇦🇨🇦 Hi 🙋‍♂️, from the west side!!
NYAMBARE KEANGO 16 dagen geleden
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Angel Franco
Angel Franco 17 dagen geleden
Bueno muy bueno!!))))
Rara Healey
Rara Healey 17 dagen geleden
Knowing how to build Isn't essential but it is bloody handy, cause as I'm sure you know, crashing happens often. Drone mechanic shop are becoming increasingly common, but if you live rural or have a tight budget you should definitely learn as much as you can. A little bit of knowledge will save you truckloads of money if you can fix it your self
Guy A
Guy A 18 dagen geleden
Where you high while filming this ?
Donald E
Donald E 18 dagen geleden
Matti, I hoped you would have flown the drone through Teppo’s legs while he was one wheeling. 😂
Abdulabad Kumbati
Abdulabad Kumbati 18 dagen geleden
Here goes Matti again, forcing a laugh every 3 secs throughout the video
Abdulabad Kumbati
Abdulabad Kumbati 18 dagen geleden
@Hans Idar Haldorsen I subscribed to his channel ever since his TravelFeel days, and his videos were fun and dope af from day one. But recently he's forcing laugh every 3 secs in his videos, maybe he wants to project more "energy" into his videos for his viewers? Anyway, I don't buy it. That's not the Matti I know.
Hans Idar Haldorsen
Hans Idar Haldorsen 18 dagen geleden
Yes yess.. because you have to be serius.. and by all means not ever show signs of fun or spreding good wibes.. isn't it that how you want all humans to be?? Come on bro!
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd 19 dagen geleden
Thanks for trashing drone building.
Blueskyver 19 dagen geleden
Great demos guys! Cheers from Montreal.
Jorno 19 dagen geleden
Is Matti still using the FX3? lol seems like he switched back to the A7sIII
AERVIDEO 19 dagen geleden
Interesting topic and discusssion here in the comments! I do like your approach of "focusing on what you're good at" - that makes total sense. However, there's also good arguments to building the drone yourself, as well - like being able to do repairs and, last but certainly not least, the cost factor. 🤔
RobHK Vlogs
RobHK Vlogs 19 dagen geleden
Turn on the Distortion correction Matti! Looks so much better with the props out of sight :D Awesome video!
Martin Nemeth
Martin Nemeth 19 dagen geleden
where is the Sony 50mm video? Wanted to rewatch it, but it's gone. :P
Connor Rickey
Connor Rickey 19 dagen geleden
Digging this duo! Y’all are crushing it. I need to get into FPV!
David Dubre
David Dubre 19 dagen geleden
I was there last week flying my Mavic Air 2. You guys should check out the vid.
CockatooDude 20 dagen geleden
"Don't build your own drone" Not only does that take half the fun out of the equation but it also isn't really an option for those without deep pockets. Though I do appreciate you being one of the few non-fpv channels to bring up the durability concerns of the DJI drone.
Stephan Hughes
Stephan Hughes 20 dagen geleden
"I'm good at making videos". That's debatable. Oh not, not soldering! Scary, learning new skills is witchcraft!
Rand Baldwin
Rand Baldwin 20 dagen geleden
Appreciate the perspective. I don't want an FPV drone to do flips and spins and tricks. I want to fly fast near things, dive cliffs, stuff that looks good in videos. Thinking the DJI might be a good option for that. Sidebar question about music volume.... Do you like the music tracks so loud? I feel like they are mixed for max volume and when they come in hot it blows your head off and I reach for the volume knob, only to turn it back up when you are talking. Do you like it that way, or would cutting the music volume back be ok? It's only an issue for me when a video cuts back and forth between music and vo. Curious what others think.
Cole Joliat
Cole Joliat 20 dagen geleden
More vids about FPV please! Excited to see Teppo learn
Creative Lines Productions
get your footage put through reel steady my man. Its a game changer
Luu Cam
Luu Cam 20 dagen geleden
Carl Hancock
Carl Hancock 20 dagen geleden
As far as repairability the DJI FPV wasn't built like previous DJI drones. It was built with repairability in mind more than their other drones. So I wouldn't say you are screwed if you crash it when compared to a non-DJI drone. They clearly know people flying FPV drones are going to crash them. The 3rd party after market will also no doubt provide parts as well. For more on it's repairability there is an article and video here:
Durry Pompé
Durry Pompé 20 dagen geleden
Matti's laugh😁👍👍❤
Schimmel27 20 dagen geleden
Please make the Sound mixing better. Music is way too loud
A0ne 20 dagen geleden
We need that last video Matti in 1080 lol just started it and can’t wait to see it, just sayin most people scrap it and don’t repost 🙏🙌
Stills By Joel
Stills By Joel 20 dagen geleden
Is it just me or do anyone else see the propellers in the DJI FPV and get there a workaround or is it something we have to live with
trent hamlin
trent hamlin 20 dagen geleden
your content is good, your views on fpv not so much.... we say that because you will crash and need to fix stuff. if you cant fix it you cant fly...yes you can buy many rtf packages but that doesnt mean you dont need skills to fix your stuff WHEN it happens...
Genius Finds
Genius Finds 20 dagen geleden
Honestly I still use my Mavic Mini and I love it, eventually when I get the money I'd like a Mavic pro
Tycho Deelen
Tycho Deelen 20 dagen geleden
been in to fpv 6 months now only crashed 1 time so far
Tomzer 20 dagen geleden
Aivan huippua, että tubessa on niin menestyvä Matti ja Teppo duo!
Jay Chords
Jay Chords 20 dagen geleden
So inspiring...
Abhishek abss
Abhishek abss 20 dagen geleden
I like the way he is being honest 😂😂
WesLifeTV 20 dagen geleden
I totally love this channel,you and pete mack are my inspiration :)
Macadamia 21 dag geleden
exactly I don't need to build a damn drone, I just want to fly them and that's it...
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner 21 dag geleden
Where is the lake?
Kabir Dhupelia
Kabir Dhupelia 21 dag geleden
Love the video! I almost have FOMO because while I love drone videos, I just don’t get as excited by FPV videos. I love the smooth, clean look of normal drone footage 👌🏽
This is Stefan「ステファンです」
I recently got a BetaFPV Starter Kit, but I was pretty much only able to fly it indoors which is super difficult when you're just learning. By the way, is it just me or was the music WAY too loud compared to their voices?
DarMor Photo
DarMor Photo 21 dag geleden
More FPV videos Matti!
P M 21 dag geleden
The reason to build is so once you crash you can repair it and building is usually cheaper and could make a better drone.
Freddy Gaming
Freddy Gaming 21 dag geleden
Why is is that some times you can see the propellers on the footage? And are there a way to get rid of that?
Dc Drone X
Dc Drone X 21 dag geleden
Haha I love that I’m not an engineer either right lol and I can’t find anyone to do what I need still but I got 2 Dji Fpv but I want a carbon fiber quad that will connect to v2 goggles and I need a remote
David Bubar
David Bubar 21 dag geleden
14:39 Oh no haha :)
David Bubar
David Bubar 21 dag geleden
8:33 "... flying through little holes..." *Sees lifebuoy hanging on pole NOPE haha :)
Freddy 21 dag geleden
I know that beach! Scarborough Bluffs! Should've gone to the secret beach there haha
David Dubre
David Dubre 19 dagen geleden
Where is the secret beach?
Nycollas Petrucio
Nycollas Petrucio 21 dag geleden
Can you update your setup in the bio of your videos?
Michael Blade
Michael Blade 21 dag geleden
Well learning how to build well just keep you flying longer at a location if you happen to break something so at least you know what the parts deal and how they work so I disagree with you on that
Kaden Bera
Kaden Bera 21 dag geleden
Anyone else see the blade in the right bottom corner?
Jake Ormand
Jake Ormand 21 dag geleden
Thank you for letting me know about the cop sirens, I thought it was outside my house.
Dan Kron
Dan Kron 21 dag geleden
You forgot to mention the damn geo fencing limitations the DJI drone has, max altitude etc... things you don't really get with normal FPV drones. Not that you should be flying where is not permitted, but the other day I tried to shoot something with my mavic inside a covered empty car park and it wouldn't let me take off because the car park was too close to a heliport. I don't think I'd have issues hitting a helicopter inside an covered catpark.
Darrell Blazey
Darrell Blazey 21 dag geleden
Why can you see the prepellars in the video?
Subikash biswas
Subikash biswas 21 dag geleden
I am a beginner and while taking shots I figured out that the blades comes in my shots Can you please help me to figure out how to remove those blades..
Oscar Meyer
Oscar Meyer 21 dag geleden
He just made a guide on how to not start flying fpv
Alex Laouri - Keep Learning
Only if the DJI FPV had a better and smoother camera....if would be a must buy!
Человек с Земли
Good story. But you need to change music, not one track evry times...
Z-KIEL VLOGS 21 dag geleden
what is the name of the music used?
David Vaknin
David Vaknin 21 dag geleden
your drone/phone repair comparison is a bit ridiculous. you absolutely should build one if you want you to know how to repair/upgrade/replace parts. with phone is way more complicated and not worth the hassle. no one will fix your drone quickly and in economical way that make sense. you crash and have wear and tear all the time with drones not so much with phones that stays in your pocket nice and safe
Rayner 21 dag geleden
You really don`t get what a great feeling it is building and flying your own quad .Not everyone can just send it in for repair like you can.So you just gonna buy a new pre built one after each crash?you are seriously missing the point
Wilson Tam
Wilson Tam 21 dag geleden
What's going to be the solution to the bottom corners showing the propellers? Video idea!
Jer 21 dag geleden
How tedious was it to get the license in Canada? :O
Emanuel Flores
Emanuel Flores 21 dag geleden
Drumstick Scarecrow
Drumstick Scarecrow 22 dagen geleden
Not gonna lie... You and Pete got me into drones and Onewheels. Been flying for a little over 2 years now, and just got my first Onewheel 3 days ago.
Drumstick Scarecrow
Drumstick Scarecrow 21 dag geleden
@Jonas Becker That's rather surprising that they're not.
Jonas Becker
Jonas Becker 21 dag geleden
I wish OneWheels were legal in Germany...
Light Craft
Light Craft 22 dagen geleden
MATTI, WHY DO YOU DO THIS 2 ME??! More money I will now spend, that I dont have! 😫
Jake Sloan
Jake Sloan 22 dagen geleden
So sorry you lost your DJI fpv in the water. Hop on a flight with a few quads and come to Alaska. I'll take you to a few spots that will help you feel better! including that ice cave you saw on twitter...
SplitCarbon Fpv
SplitCarbon Fpv 22 dagen geleden
your wrong about drone crashes a need to know to repair it your self.. or you like to buy a new drone every time you crash?
Jydotix 22 dagen geleden
I love FPV
REVIEWSONTHERUN 22 dagen geleden
Cool! Nice video. ✌️
MadeByJohn 22 dagen geleden
Looks like McDonald's Canada is better than the US one. I've heard pretty bad things about the taste of Burgers at McDonald's USA.
Kai Wood
Kai Wood 22 dagen geleden
The main reason most people would probably be building a fpv by themselves would be price. You can build your own 5 inch for 200 vs the more expensive amount of a pre built
Michael's Music - Relaxing Sounds
Well done, great camera work and editing etc.
David Murray
David Murray 22 dagen geleden
Hey Matti! What’s mounted to the back of your model 3 screen? Sunglasses holder? If so where did you get it?
Actual Amateur
Actual Amateur 22 dagen geleden
Building a drone would be more equivalent to building a PC...
Felice Damiano
Felice Damiano 22 dagen geleden
I randomly watched another video before this one and it had the exact same song as this one, just that that one had it at the end and so I was so confused... the other video was from 2y ago also
Tigo Costa Visser
Tigo Costa Visser 22 dagen geleden
13:34 I love Teppo: "I'm running! I'm running with HIM!!"
Isak Augestad
Isak Augestad 22 dagen geleden
12:19 - I guess this is the reason why most people recommend you to learn how to build them, so you know how to repair them as well.
David Vaknin
David Vaknin 21 dag geleden
exactly. repair, tune, customize replace parts on the field if you crash. his argument is complete bonkers and ....for rich people with ton of resources
Justinormous FPV
Justinormous FPV 22 dagen geleden
If you're looking into getting into flying FPV, but want something pre-built, look into the Beta95x. It's small enough to fly indoors, big enough to fly outdoors, it's light and durable incase of a crash, and also you can get great footage when paired with the SMO 4k. You can get it in digital if you want the DJI goggles and controller. Otherwise you can get it in analog if you prefer it or wanna save some cash. Only downside for a beginner is you'll need to buy lipos for it and learn how to charge and maintain them.
Dan Raynor
Dan Raynor 22 dagen geleden
Great Video. You must be flying pretty hard to only be getting 3 minutes with your 5" quad. But if your running high Kv motors that won't help. I Know Just cruising I've been able to get almost 6 minutes.
Steven Attaway
Steven Attaway 22 dagen geleden
but what if part of the enjoyment of the drone is the building process. I know for me, that's one of the BIGGEST draw to FPV drones is I get to build it. I've never done it, but it sounds super fun.
JobilleTuts 22 dagen geleden
Matti Donalds after droning =) Fun Video like always!
Eddie Nunez
Eddie Nunez 22 dagen geleden
5:57 in FPV you can't jinx yourself.
Emmanuel Zambrano Photography
When you have the money to just buy prebuilt drones just because you crashed one then theres no problem... but theres a a lot of people who cant spend 300 or 400 dlls everytime that the kwad gets destroyed So yeah, its much cheaper just to repair your drone (change a motor, an FC, etc) than just buy a new one
Phrancis5 22 dagen geleden
Seriously, does every influencer drone channel on YT drive a Tesla?
Famous Titus
Famous Titus 22 dagen geleden
So jealous I'm not in a country where I can work, earn and buy the gears I need to pursue my film making passion. Seeing your content day by day makes me feel that one day I will own the gears I need to start creating dope videos like you and your partner...Thumps up to you all I so much love your messages. Keep it up!
Famous Titus
Famous Titus 21 dag geleden
@David Vaknin I'm from Nigeria 🇳🇬
David Vaknin
David Vaknin 21 dag geleden
where do you live?
Patryk Balukiewicz
Patryk Balukiewicz 22 dagen geleden
Man, I love Your videos. You are very experienced filmmaker, and that’s why I always wonder - why music on your videos is always so much LOUDER than the talking parts? 🤷‍♂️ Every time I have to adjust volume ;( But anyway, That doesn’t change that You are amazing filmmaker, I love Your videos and vlogs, and once again -Congratulations for passing that One Million subs!!! ;) keep it up, but please, make the music parts a little more quiet ;)
Josh Garver
Josh Garver 22 dagen geleden
For all the people who don't have pre built drones sent to them. I definitely recommend building your first drone so you can repair it yourself. replacing an $18 motor is a lot cheaper than replacing an entire pre-built drone, and if you have parts laying around (which you will if you build) you can often repair your drone and be back in the air the same day.
Andres Uribe Hennessey
Andres Uribe Hennessey 22 dagen geleden
What jacket is that?
greywhite 22 dagen geleden
his laugh sounds like Gru from Dispicable me
Revive Your Own
Revive Your Own 22 dagen geleden
i need that onewheel badly
Trip Mode Active
Trip Mode Active 22 dagen geleden
Your brother is so annoying!!!
Zander Perkalator
Zander Perkalator 22 dagen geleden
you dudes are funny together.
Pirata PRO_4k
Pirata PRO_4k 22 dagen geleden
Nice product video man.! I’m a new coming videographer/content creator. Love to create that story and these FPV drones are great tools for expanding the story for sure! Tho I believe people do need to know how to build their own FPVs even if you buy a pre built one for your 1st FPV due to expenses. Learning how to repair and ESC or motor is a lot cheaper then buying a whole new pre built quad over and over. most of us don’t have ppl to fix our quads for us so will need to learn the quad and software. If you buy the DJI FPV well I think you have no choice but to buy the insurance lol Anyways love your product reviews man keep them up.!
Robbie Shreffler
Robbie Shreffler 22 dagen geleden
DJI v Classic FPV video or brothers hanging out video? Loving the addition of Teppo and getting to see the two of you enjoy being brothers.
mattwruff 22 dagen geleden
Normal volume talking and then loud music…but yes DJI FPV is a blast to fly
Jacob Dimick
Jacob Dimick 22 dagen geleden
Building your first FPV quad makes sense and here's why: as soon as you crash, if you didn't build it, you have no idea what to do. If you built it, you should know what each component is and that makes it easier to fix. You learn more crashing than you do not crashing. You also appreciate it more when you build it yourself.
camtwan1 18 dagen geleden
@Rigger Mortis FPV sorry to hear that, and respect. We have all had some angry comments before. Just keep looking up and working hard. You’ll get back in no time. On the conversation, I have to agree with Marion. I’ve always wanted to try fpv. I had a buddy that built one, and he burnt out after a few flights, as he kept crashing it and having to fix it. And I didn’t feel like trying to fly his for that reason. This drone is a step in the right direction in my opinion. I can hop right, and DJI’s stabilization, crash sensors, and different leaning modes allows me to learn progressively without risk of downtime and extra cost. And if it ends up being something I like. It’s the same as any hobby, I can go deeper down the rabbit hole and start building a drone how I like. So I understand learning to build the drone will be very helpful. I just want make sure I like it first.
Rigger Mortis FPV
Rigger Mortis FPV 21 dag geleden
@Marion Vanier Sorry for my tone in the first response, the whole lockdown thing cost us our home yesterday and Im super cranky. I agree, hopefully they will release more like those kits in the future. I just worry about the bad initial experience that the DJI drone could however could also give a great experience....I suppose that hinges on the users patience. Anyways have a better day than me bro, later.
Marion Vanier
Marion Vanier 21 dag geleden
@Rigger Mortis FPV While I already have my own setup, I think the Johnny fpv RTF is a great kit. I just simply said I didn't think building your first quad is necessarily the best route for a beginner. Kits like the Johnny fpv RTF are perfect for newbies because it teaches you as you go. More stuff like that is definitely needed in the community.
Rigger Mortis FPV
Rigger Mortis FPV 21 dag geleden
@Marion Vanier Ok so go to GetFPV and get a Johnny FPV 5" DJI kit....comes with a DVD with super accurate instructions, and then you have about the same thing, for about the same money, BUT, you have a real quad right ? AND you end up with baseline knowledge as a bonus.
Marion Vanier
Marion Vanier 21 dag geleden
@Rigger Mortis FPV Respectfully I have been flying for almost 4 years and have helped many beginners get into the hobby. I do believe that building is better for a beginner, however I stated how steep the learning curve is. When you're just getting started you just want to get out and fly and not be bogged down by the complexities of learning how to solder and the basics of electronis. Fpv isn't going to grow as long as it's difficult to get into the hobby so if there are easier ways to start we should welcome them.
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken 22 dagen geleden
Where were you flying? This almost looks like the Scarborough Bluffs area.
Joey Alford
Joey Alford 21 dag geleden
Definitely the bluffs
John Switzer
John Switzer 22 dagen geleden
I started messing with FPV about a year ago. I still consider myself a novice and fly like a drunk driver on ice with bald tires. The DJI FPV in normal and sport s so much fun to fly I'm not sure if I'll ever switch to manual. OK, thats probably a lie, I will sooner or later. I do fly a Rotor Riot Ciniwhoop and spend lots of time trying to find it in the bushes, so it will remain as my trainer for now.
Nick Reutlinger
Nick Reutlinger 22 dagen geleden
I would get into it but damn... its expensive
Josh Fabricante
Josh Fabricante 22 dagen geleden
I know a lot of people now want to start flying fpv but please please at the very least learn about LiPo battery safety. If you pick up your drone unplug your battery right away, only plug in when you're about to fly, etc. Have had friends get injured so please don't get complacent.
André Hallberg
André Hallberg 22 dagen geleden
Biggest tip I got for flying FPV cinematic is using an 360 camera, that way you can get away with all jerk and stuff! Great content as always Matti and Teppo! 👍🏻
Josh Fabricante
Josh Fabricante 22 dagen geleden
Matti matti matti please don't plug your lipo in when you're not ready to fly even if your transmitter is off. Things can go wrong and your motors might start spinning. Please practice more safety
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