Its too late for you to start Youtube In 2021 

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1 apr. 2021




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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja 13 dagen geleden
who subbed to to Mark and who started a channel now? start it even out of spite for my title 😂
AJ Mudrock
AJ Mudrock 13 uur geleden
I started, and lost momentum...this gave me a good kicking to go again. THNX MATTI!
The Manc Retro Gamer
The Manc Retro Gamer 3 dagen geleden
Great video. I’m so glad that I started my channel this year. My channel is only a couple of months old and managed to get 73 subscribers so far and 1300 views which I know is just a drop in the ocean compared to big channels but I’m just glad that I took the plunge and hit that record button. To those of you who read this comment I wish you all the best of luck with your NLblock journey. ❤️ 🙏🏻
Christian Bangerter
Christian Bangerter 5 dagen geleden
My wife started her NLblock channel @maebangerter already but it’s really hard to start and to find the right content which might be interesting for NLblock as a new channel
Magdych 5 dagen geleden
I started my channel 6 months ago and I have 100+ subs.
K M 8 dagen geleden
Still haven't for all reason mentioned. I'll get there
Matt Middleton
Matt Middleton 6 uur geleden
Anyone ever said you look like Kevin Magnussen the F1 driver? I was watching drive to survive on netflix and thought this
Michael Moerkamp
Michael Moerkamp 6 uur geleden
Reason why i didnt start a youtube channel is because i have no computer lol this is my next investment🙏
The Total Thom
The Total Thom 10 uur geleden
FRONT Photography
FRONT Photography 18 uur geleden
Watched this expecting to get angry! Love it, literally started a channel 4 weeks ago, posted every week so far....
AnimalsCentral 20 uur geleden
I just started my NLblock channel. It is a theme channel not a personality channel...all about the animal world. ANIMALS CENTRAL. Of course, not making $$ yet but having a lot of fun. Thanks Matti, great work, love your vids.
Cinematic Sound Effects by Epic Loops
Is it's toooooooooooo late? Thanks for encouraging us to start!
Swiitchback Dag geleden
I just started out, let’s see where this journey takes me! Best of luck and much love to everyone! :D
Jeff Young-Sterling
It's been a combination of a fear of failure, but much more, fear of success.
Paul McGhie
Paul McGhie Dag geleden
I started mine last week. Have been saying it for TWO years! Finally doing it! Cheers Matti!
Derox Dylan
Derox Dylan Dag geleden
Not knowing what I'd want to cover...
Nir Hason
Nir Hason Dag geleden
Not being a native English speaker it's the main reason why I don't "invest" that much time on my YT channel...
Sannedy Tech Reviews
I’m just gonna keep pluggin’ away. Doing something that brings me joy is worth it...I keep the faith that followers will come. Cool video!!
Brendan Deane
Brendan Deane Dag geleden
Thanks Matti!! Starting mine today 👌
Georgios Tzitzis
Georgios Tzitzis Dag geleden
I cant decide to start cause 1 i like photography travel and food but videography is very difficult for me 2 im working in hotel at summer so 12 jours work every day for 6 months what will happen to the channel 3 iam shy to speak in front of the camera 4 im in greece market pool is so small ....actually i think ill never do it always i find an excuse
Viknish Krishnan-Kutty
You’re one of the people who inspired me to start my channel! Thank you 😊
Shezan Saleem aka JO-G
Starting took me a while and now being consistent is my biggest challenge. Getting lost in pressure of new social media outlets and new options coming to each existing platform everyday. However I'm spending more time on my client's work which is paying more.. Bills war win at the end... I'm also lazy at times 😛
Rondel 2 dagen geleden
I literally just started and posted my first Travel Film a few days ago. Long term game is what I am aiming for. Just gonna keep pushing a little everyday!
Pawel Gieralt
Pawel Gieralt 2 dagen geleden
I've started YT channel for my daughter... but I quit after 5 videos... because every next video did get less views than previous one. Not many anyway... 58 47 and so on... 🙃
GroundBreaker Explore
GroundBreaker Explore 2 dagen geleden
I hate you when I read your channel. Then I watch you. And I like you. Then I said to my self "Wow Great title, Good market strategy. I buy your video. Thanks bro and stay safe.
Charlie Price
Charlie Price 2 dagen geleden
Don't really know what i would make videos about but I wanna start...
Blah Blah Comedy
Blah Blah Comedy 2 dagen geleden
Actually started my channel a week ago, thought I would have a couple hundred views by now but Im only aproaching my first 100 now. This is harder than I thought.
Crystal-Lee Howley
Crystal-Lee Howley 2 dagen geleden
No idea what focus would be to start a channel. Maybe lamenting my mental health and taking everyone on my spiral journey🙃.
ErikaPerker 2 dagen geleden
I have been pretty insecure and not at all self-confident person throughiut my life. Also I feared a lot and didn't believe in myself a lot. I wanted to start in 2010, started making daily videos in Uni and editing them for fun, watched vloggers and was really siked! Until I was told that I am a narcissist and stupid to think I would succeed with that - because I am nobody. 3 yrs later went travelling to Asia and I was again so siked to start blogging and making pics and vids to post - the same person told me "wtf are you doing - looking like all of those stupid Asian tourists taking pics"... I loved that person though... killed me inside.. Now I am trying to heal from it and trying to gather the strength to finally start something. I see that I need to do it alone, I dont have much support from anyone, so... althought I feel I'm quite late for everything, also old 😅 I still have the dream in me.. :) Thanks for the inspiring videos! Its inspiring to see someone from scandinavia made this far and possible - and that MAYBE its not too late 😊
Joe Somebody
Joe Somebody 2 dagen geleden
Hi Matti, I'm struggling right now to restart a channel I've had since 2010. I didn't buckle down when I should have. Walked away from it for 2+ years. Lost my partnership. Now I'm trying again. I hope I can regain some traction. Thanks for the insight and inspiration!
RiNus World
RiNus World 2 dagen geleden
I have a channel... My editing process is too demanding for my machine. I'm reworking my process...
Scotty B
Scotty B 2 dagen geleden
My reason for not starting? Personality of a Brussel sprout......
Tahmid Khan A
Tahmid Khan A 2 dagen geleden
I don't have a camera :') and I shoot photos and videos with my phone. :) That's why I can't start.
Ken E
Ken E 3 dagen geleden
Where did you get your wood grain and white chairs?
Corner Creek Homestead
Corner Creek Homestead 3 dagen geleden
Fear, scared, and what if I suck at it!!!
CLICKbite 3 dagen geleden
Well , i started this channel 3 weeks ago and im already famous! 400k views , 18k subs , check it out
Zach Mecham
Zach Mecham 3 dagen geleden
It takes so much time. But I feel like I would love it.
Aww in Love
Aww in Love 3 dagen geleden
My first youtube account was made in 2006, i remember ppl in 2009 saying it was too late and every year after so it's definitely not too late
MrUnlimitedGG 3 dagen geleden
I haven't truly found my niche or what i'd film.
Brad Fuerst
Brad Fuerst 4 dagen geleden
I started one, dude. Calm down. Actually, I have three. I'm just lazy, ok?
Michael 4 dagen geleden
Need a computer that is capable of editing. I have camera gear, microphones and all. I just lack the ability to edit and create videos because my computer has a segment fault issue that causes crashing non-stop. Hopefully I can make up for that down the road. Could I use other resources or a library? Well, no. I can't. I lack a vehicle, which makes things problematic. I live in a place where I am the only power computer user. So would I start it despite having deep insecurities about my personal appearance (i'm fat, I know, I know)? The answer is yes.
TheTravelMatt 4 dagen geleden
Love this Matt - your vlogs literally inspired me to start my channel, so thank you! 🙏
Cameron Gibson
Cameron Gibson 4 dagen geleden
I started my channel last year and it's been great but tough. I find consistency the most important but also the most difficult thing to keep going with. That being said, I love doing it and I just hit 1k subs which is AMAZING and more than I thought I would get in my first year for sure!
Menta Motive
Menta Motive 4 dagen geleden
9:50 "I trust you, you're a good flyer" Little did he know what would happen with the drone later..
That Mountain Life
That Mountain Life 4 dagen geleden
I started my channel 2.5 years ago and it's been a trip. Matt is 100% right that I am already successful just from having a channel that has taught me so much!
Kathrine Floor
Kathrine Floor 4 dagen geleden
Just starte mine a week ago , woop woop. But for me, scared of what the people I know will think. And also inspiration needs to be there. I'm so excited to see where this journey takes me.
YT VLOG by Shahid
YT VLOG by Shahid 4 dagen geleden
You really GENIUS... MEN #Perfect 🖒✌
Why Steve
Why Steve 4 dagen geleden
Well I started a channel and I've gone from 50 to 115 subscribers in only 2 years. What a success story! :|
Tom Ferenc
Tom Ferenc 4 dagen geleden
Well i started 2 month ago, but let's be honest :D i am finding very hard to push my English content in CZECH/Slovakia countries, this was struggle for me, because i wanted to make content not in my native language but English, so it very hard to promote or to collaborate for me. But it is fun love to create vids and teach people and just make whatever as i am 10 years experienced videographer. So hopefully it will be good in the end !:D
The Furnace Room Print Shop
I kept thinking it wasn't going to be "perfect" - but it doesn't matter. I made my first youtube video this week and am uploading it now as I type this... going to be live Monday. Starting is 99% of the battle!
Jadeon Abt
Jadeon Abt 4 dagen geleden
I'm just not confident enough in myself, I've been going to the gym and saving up for a camera but I truly don't even really know what I want to do.
TogTom Photo/Video
TogTom Photo/Video 5 dagen geleden
Well, I started mine about the time I discovered Peter and you, like 3-4 years ago. I guess I am still trying to find my niche, because I only have 175 subscribers
Think Car Media
Think Car Media 5 dagen geleden
Started now, but yes was also scared. But now I've started. Thanks man
Connor Wayne
Connor Wayne 5 dagen geleden
I just started.. it is truly brutal 😂
Alpha and Omega
Alpha and Omega 5 dagen geleden
Not good at editing videos.
Terry Ang
Terry Ang 5 dagen geleden
I feel like people wouldn't watch a southeast Cambodian kid from RVA.
Yasser Sabek
Yasser Sabek 5 dagen geleden
I hate it when you click bate us and start showing us your BS life! If you want to do educational video just cut to the chase amd If you have a vlog video do a vlog video!
Steve Ruppel
Steve Ruppel 5 dagen geleden
Ok Matti, this was the push I needed...
Jinx Everywhere
Jinx Everywhere 5 dagen geleden
I just started 🥺 finally
Mae Bangerter
Mae Bangerter 5 dagen geleden
Yeah it’s not too late to start a Channel 👍🏻 It’s easy but somehow I enjoyed it. I am also shy person but I learn now how to talk in front of the Camera 🤣🙈 Keep it up @MattiHaapoja 💪🏼👍🏻
What's the North Face Of?
I finally started. It’s not going anywhere yet but it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.
Lifers 6 dagen geleden
I just legitimately enjoy creating videos, I wish I would have started when NLblock first came out
Erol Sever
Erol Sever 6 dagen geleden
have no ideas
Mahdi Rouhi
Mahdi Rouhi 6 dagen geleden
we can't get any money from youtube because of the US sanctions and also youtube is bloked in Iran😑 there is nothing I can do😭😭😭
Mahdi Rouhi
Mahdi Rouhi 6 dagen geleden
we have limitations in our country like so many😑🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Brian the Filmmaker
Brian the Filmmaker 6 dagen geleden
For a long time my reason was fear of failure, embarrassment about filming videos when other people were around, and not feeling like I had much to offer the youtube community. I posted random videos occasionally, but it's really been since November 2019 I've started in earnest. Only 336 subscribers so far, but the fight continues. Sometimes it's frustrating seeing other channels blow up in a month or two and have 10,000 or 20,000 subs almost immediately, but I keep to the grind, try and learn about the algorithm, try and improve my video quality, and experiment with different types of videos. Hopefully my channel will hit a tipping point as I get more chill on camera and more creative with my ideas. The thing that kills me is I'd started a youtube channel when I was in high school (like 10 years ago) and gave up on it. If I'd kept that going where I could be now is crazy to think about. But then I remind myself that in five or ten years I might be looking back and go "wow, I'm so glad I started in 2019 and have grown so much over the last 5-10 years".
Rocky Friz
Rocky Friz 6 dagen geleden
I have not started my NLblock channel (yet) because it is clear that a "quality channel" is a significant time commitment - and at this moment, there are other sizable projects that I will have to complete. I am also still evaluating to what level it could become "invasive" to my family and community. Some will appreciate the opportunity to participate and others might quietly create some distance to avoid my activities. So... enjoying watching, exploring ideas and giving serious consideration to the option. Particularly appreciate you and McKinnon. My primary subscriptions I watch regularly...
Abdul Rahuman
Abdul Rahuman 6 dagen geleden
Content that's what makes me think even more and it is the one lagging!!
joey caughey
joey caughey 6 dagen geleden
Over saturated market.
OutBackChillin 6 dagen geleden
oh no ! .. no point watching this then :-( .. I might as well sell all my cameras and shut down my youtube account :-(
Temper Your Expectations
Temper Your Expectations 6 dagen geleden
I started mine only a month ago. My intention that motivated me was to just have fun with it...and I'm loving it. Thank you for all the inspirational videos Matti!
Kim Haslam
Kim Haslam 6 dagen geleden
My excuse for not starting professionally with NLblock yet is total confusion over which insurances I would need to fully protect myself/others. If anyone has any advice for a UK based NLblockr wannabe I'm all ears! 👍🙏
Hannah Fleming-Hill
Hannah Fleming-Hill 6 dagen geleden
I’ve had my channel for a few years but not really done anything with it and each year I say I’ll go for it but everything else gets in the way. This year is going to be different, it’s not going to be perfect but I’m working on it! Videos like this are encouraging and challenging, I don’t want to regret not going for it!
Tim Seidl
Tim Seidl 6 dagen geleden
Awesome Video! Really Inspiring :) thanks 💯
Meeting Focus
Meeting Focus 6 dagen geleden
All of these things are so true! I started and Now I drive a new and different car every week or so! People also keep asking me how i get review tech products and it's all because of my NLblock channel.
Shaun McCarthy
Shaun McCarthy 6 dagen geleden
I don’t know what to talk about
Moofy 6 dagen geleden
I litterally can't remember not wanting to be a NLblockr
SWAN HOUSE 7 dagen geleden
Wanted to start a channel for YEARS but I always felt like I was too awkward to actually do it. Finally started uploading photography videos, still feel super awkward but it’s actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be lol totally worth it
Camera, Lights & Ladies
Camera, Lights & Ladies 7 dagen geleden
We started a while ago, starting was not the problem, the thing is keep the channel going, I'm building my audience :) I love that the work that we do inspire other women to go after their dreams.
Jeffo 7 dagen geleden
Lack of compelling answers to a few simple questions: Why? What’s my message, subject, themes? Size of that Audience? Time/Cost? Benefit? Back to WHY: Ego? Income? FOMO? “Influencer” Status? So many skills to learn in so many areas inc costly gadgets/devices. Is it just a hobby to dabble in? Or, does it grow to a passion / obsession? Focus on YT or pursue a mix of social platforms? Why not just consume rather than create (again, is it Ego / Prestige?) Love Your Channel!
ZevCo. Creative
ZevCo. Creative 7 dagen geleden
4:38 harsh truth but preach it
KR Moore
KR Moore 7 dagen geleden
I started a channel, I think I just need to work smarter :-)
Kwame Asensu
Kwame Asensu 7 dagen geleden
I started my channel when it was lockdown, but I shoot myself, direct myself and edit myself, I couldn't contain the stress cos I was working for sum1..
Bohdan Lee
Bohdan Lee 7 dagen geleden
I started a youtube channel over a year ago when I got my first camera that could actually film video. Even though I'm only at 100 subs I love watching it naturally grow even if it's the smallest amount. I also have a weird name haha
Sara Boychuk
Sara Boychuk 7 dagen geleden
Really great to see the channels and stories in the comments! I think for me its choosing valuable comments being multi passionate is tricky. Cheers!
NDS Privacy & Digital Security
Damn, Matti can fly that thing!
Emil Pagala
Emil Pagala 7 dagen geleden
My accent and my English is not that good.
Walk in Rio
Walk in Rio 7 dagen geleden
I didn't start because I couldn't figure out a catchy name lol Bad excuse I know.
Khmeng Sroksrae TV
Khmeng Sroksrae TV 7 dagen geleden
Thanks for motivating video.
MygenteTV 7 dagen geleden
WHY? because is not that easy, I started in 2017 and im still struggling to keep 1k subscribers.
David John
David John 7 dagen geleden
With a hair cut like that, you’re definitely not shy! 😆
MarcusTDM 7 dagen geleden
Great video. People get hung up on needing to have tons of subscribers and whilst that would be nice, I still made some cracking videos that I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t on You Tube.
The Pot Thickens
The Pot Thickens 7 dagen geleden
I started in December. You have to relish the small things. I finally have a video that people want to watch, are sharing and comment about how it is the best one they’ve seen. You have to do it for reasons other than money so your passion shows.
Benjamin Buss
Benjamin Buss 7 dagen geleden
Great Video, for me its been procrastination, fear, and excuses ... I have made a few videos but they have not been consistent. I guess looking back at this I looked at similar videos in the beginning of 2020. I recently came across this quote "One thing you can recycle is wasted time". suppose the best time to start is now !!!!
MH Creative Journey
MH Creative Journey 7 dagen geleden
I always feel like I don't know enough or my vids won't make it on youtube. I know I could just do it and get better in the process but it gets hard to force my self to put stuff in here :S
Christian Mosquera
Christian Mosquera 7 dagen geleden
I just started my youtube channel 🖐️😊
Venture Pictures
Venture Pictures 7 dagen geleden
Recently started mine, nothing major, but getting used to the ecosystem on NLblock and looking up other channels similar to what I aspire to be etc. I think people get scared and worry about it copying a format. But it’s okay to copy, in the process you make something your own anyway. Content is King is likely a universal rule for all platforms, above and beyond the algorithm overlords.
Christian Pitcher
Christian Pitcher 7 dagen geleden
I have a channel but I bad a uploading because I don't think anybody wants to really watch me
Ronny Mikkelsen
Ronny Mikkelsen 7 dagen geleden
i´m to shy, and too old. :P
FanaticalDrummer 7 dagen geleden
No, but know this, just make videos for 5 years and go nowhere and then when you show up in the recommendations you can make it happen lol
Wesley Mcleod
Wesley Mcleod 7 dagen geleden
I’m scared.
Styikx 7 dagen geleden
I’ve filmed and edited a lot of videos but was always scared to start my own. I got the push from my friends to do it, and while there’s not much growth on my channel yet, I’m continuing to push forward. Thank you for the kind encouragement!
Nathan Stout
Nathan Stout 7 dagen geleden
I've been working on it and have such a hard time getting any views and even fewer subscribers. I'm still trying to figure out if I have anything worth saying anymore.
iShotReese 8 dagen geleden
I didn’t start a channel cause I like a low profile 😀
#IamLloydTheStampede 315
#IamLloydTheStampede 315 8 dagen geleden
Lack of content and a way to edit the footage. 😕
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