New 5.4k ALL-IN-ONE Tiny Cinematic Drone // DJI AIR 2S 

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15 apr. 2021




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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja 25 dagen geleden
Go check out Storyblocks and subscribe, hit the notification bell and comment down below with your Instagram handle and what you wanna do with the new DJI AIR 2S!
Terrell Wilson
Terrell Wilson Dag geleden
Promote My brother and I multi Media Company, for example my brothers upcoming music video. @_Trapmafia
Se On Mulle
Se On Mulle 4 dagen geleden
I haven`t got a drone yet. This is the model I think I`m going to get in a near future. Ig: valokuvaaja_mikko
Sascha Seyschab
Sascha Seyschab 12 dagen geleden
Instagram: @sascha_seyschab I would use this drone to learn how to fly a drone since I don't have one and have never flown one yet haha 😂 On top of that: I would 100% use this while I'm exploring the bush in the Vancouver area and get some sick sunrise/sunset footage of our beautiful mountains and landscape that we have and expand my nature photography and video skills with this beast
John Liquori
John Liquori 24 dagen geleden
@john.liquori I am starting my own real estate photography business, don’t have a drone yet, and this would be INSANELY helpful for me!!
filipe beirao
filipe beirao 24 dagen geleden
@chicoohchico i would use it to film epic travel videos!!
The Oblivious2 View
The Oblivious2 View 9 uur geleden
You two are just having a blast, not even present but we can feel the joy and excitement on this side of the screen 🤘 thank you bros.
IVENtures 17 uur geleden
nice review Matti, i enjoyed watching it
Terrell Wilson
Terrell Wilson Dag geleden
What id do with the drown is use it to promote my brother and our new multi media business, for example in my brother’s upcoming music video. @_Trapmafia
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh 3 dagen geleden
Beautiful surroundings - great shots.
Vishal Dey
Vishal Dey 3 dagen geleden
whhaaaooooooo! @shotsbyvishal gonna use it to cover the crisis going on in India!
Kwabena Boakye O-A
Kwabena Boakye O-A 4 dagen geleden
My Instagram handle is @cgentles_photography. This drone will help me explore aerial photography and build me more.
Damien Conway
Damien Conway 4 dagen geleden
Damien.conway on IG. Gonna start doing some more scenery drone work for my NLblock and IG
SlowNewt 4 dagen geleden
@slow_newt idk what I would do with it, most likely making vlogs with drone shots witch would be mad lol
SpeedFreak Team
SpeedFreak Team 4 dagen geleden
nahhhh. this is not pre-production problem when your phone disconnected. My mavic pro always have this problem. All i have to do is take out the cable and replug it in.
Raphael Isler
Raphael Isler 4 dagen geleden
it is so fun to watch your videos👍👍👍
Rory and Casey
Rory and Casey 4 dagen geleden
Would love to use this drone to film some epic shots of the Tasmanian wilderness in Australia (instagram @roryandcasey )
Tomáš Winkler
Tomáš Winkler 5 dagen geleden
I would film all the hiking and travelling I am going to do once it's possible again. IG: @neethar.ig
Gregory Whittington
Gregory Whittington 5 dagen geleden
I've been on lockdown for two yyears. First because of cancer and then because of pandemic and then because of liver transplant. Can no longer do the creative work I was in due to physical limitations. I'm watching all your videos because I'm looking into getting into videography (mostly travel related but also love tech) . I bought the Sony A7s iii because of your review and watched that video a dozen times. Great work and thanks for inspiring. @gregwhittington
Gregory Whittington
Gregory Whittington 5 dagen geleden
Then I watched your Sony FX3 video and I'm questioning that decision :(((
The Vuka Experience
The Vuka Experience 6 dagen geleden
I’ve been desperate fir a drone to enhance my film making but just can’t seems to save enough. I also use STORYBLOCKS and I love their service and customer care. IG @The_Vuka_Experience.
Edgy Trends
Edgy Trends 7 dagen geleden
Me and my broke ass trying to buy refurbished 😅
Wissam Moussa
Wissam Moussa 7 dagen geleden
Ughhh, so good! Just take my money, or my mavic mini, since i'm broke haha. I'm trying to earn some living from my videography skills and the Air 2S will help alot, but thanks for the giveaway in all cases Matti! 🤙🏻
Αιμιλία Μαυράκη
What a great day
Mark.Wait! What?
Mark.Wait! What? 10 dagen geleden
Starting out YT Fishing Channel
Yohan J
Yohan J 10 dagen geleden
I would like to try and make a NLblock channel for 4k sceneries on a drone especially in the middle of a Safari National Park! @yohanj0122
Aurel 10 dagen geleden I have a camera already, but if I had a drone as the DJI Air2s, it would be my starting point. I pledge to start NLblock as a job and filmmaking in general. You can be sure I would make a dedicated video in one year to say how much you were responsible for a turning point in my life (for better/worse like with @JakeFrew haha). I will do it. 🤞 🤞 Whatever happens, you influencers wear your name well, you can reach people with what you are passionate about, and I would love to do this as a job. Awesome video, as always.
Wesley Papp
Wesley Papp 10 dagen geleden
This is awesome man! My instagram is @wespapp
Martin Medina
Martin Medina 10 dagen geleden
Thx for this video and giveaway. If i had that drone i will use it everyday and make sure to spent time with my family with it. My Instagram username is that_boiii_kid
F. Reyes Photo
F. Reyes Photo 11 dagen geleden
I love how yall just have fun naturally in front of the camera, I wish I could do that. I would definitely use the Air 2S to get my automotive videos up another level, and maybe even try it with some off roading vehicles as well.
Over On The Wild Side
Over On The Wild Side 11 dagen geleden
That was a great intro! I loved that.
En Tu Presencia!
En Tu Presencia! 11 dagen geleden
didn't know he was a rich boy! good for him!
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks 11 dagen geleden
The video quality looks epic, I want to capture some low-light fireworks with the new DJI AIR 2S! @michael_brooks_photography
Waterman Surin
Waterman Surin 11 dagen geleden
you guys are so entertaining together! Came for the drone vid stayed for the vibes 🙏
Antonio Farrera
Antonio Farrera 11 dagen geleden
@afarrerag I would use it to film weddings, I curently use my old phamtom 3, although I dont know if I can still win it, I feel that I may be here too late
Sascha Seyschab
Sascha Seyschab 12 dagen geleden
Instagram: @sascha_seyschab I would use this drone to learn how to fly a drone since I don't have one and have never flown one yet haha 😂 On top of that: I would 100% use this while I'm exploring the bush in the Vancouver area and get some sick sunrise/sunset footage of our beautiful mountains and landscape that we have and expand my nature photography and video skills with this beast
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 12 dagen geleden
absolutely loved the video guys! My insta handle is @paulrww I would love to put that little guy to work sharing stories of beautiful rivers around the world that deserve to be protected
Luis Lan
Luis Lan 12 dagen geleden
@lanxn going to hawaii this summer and would love so ariel shots
Ahbab Inan
Ahbab Inan 12 dagen geleden
My instagram’s @abroadonadime. I’d make an epic montage of the area around Mt Fuji
John Liquori
John Liquori 13 dagen geleden
@john.liquori I am starting my own real estate photography business, don’t have a drone yet, and this would be INSANELY helpful for me!!
QUEENSHOTTHIS Productions 13 dagen geleden
This video made me more excited about purchasing this drone great video
Petter Tilljander
Petter Tilljander 13 dagen geleden
IG: @p30n - I would love to have this in my arsenal and I would do so much epic material with it, both abroad and at home in Finland 🙂👍🏼
Natasha T
Natasha T 13 dagen geleden
IG: iinatasha Ive been wanting to start flying Drones for projects.
Jack Long
Jack Long 14 dagen geleden
@jscksonbrianlong is my insta handle!! I would love to fly this thing 😭
Jon Cabrera
Jon Cabrera 14 dagen geleden
@jxcabrera I’d get some epic drone footage of the mountains in Wyoming and Colorado. I need a drone so badly!!
Tanzil Hameed
Tanzil Hameed 14 dagen geleden
Instagram - mofstarboy I would love to get that drone cause i dont have one and even its too much expensive in india and i will like to shoot some awesome footages and try to sell it or go out for paid shoots so that i can buy film gears and try to succeed in my life ✌️
merv williamson
merv williamson 14 dagen geleden
all pics on my insta @mervwilliamson are before i drowned my drone.... i miss it hahaa i need another drone! this would be perfect!
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 14 dagen geleden
Insta: @akparker123 Love the cottage time! Please do more out there! Can’t wait to get back to our friend’s cabin in Minnesota and fire up the jet ski!! I’m looking to add a drone to my product cine business, and this one would be just the ticket!!
Smart Zoom
Smart Zoom 14 dagen geleden
#matti, i love this drone features ,this is a DJI best budget drone.
Ehsan Ahadi
Ehsan Ahadi 15 dagen geleden
i need a drone for my film making pack. shooting drone shots. IG: ehsanahadii
Ehsan Ahadi
Ehsan Ahadi 15 dagen geleden
nice review
Christopher Dembek
Christopher Dembek 15 dagen geleden
For the from shots, did you use an ND filter or CPL ?
lewis lach
lewis lach 15 dagen geleden I love my mini 2 more than my a7iii, its the Dissocitive perspective I adore over flat out performance for me the composition these things can do just cannot beat it and thats not including the pleasure of actually forfilling something every child has wanted to do. Air 2s would get used for everthing, scotland has more to it than scenery and air 2s you could get that into some abandoned buildings?
LLPJ268 15 dagen geleden
Ju5t_PJ I’d shoot the 365 beaches on the island I live on. Antigua :)
Cody Corpe
Cody Corpe 15 dagen geleden
Great video! Came across this video because I need a new drone... my drone Mavic Air original I’ve had for 4 years just malfunctioned over a river... i now have a huge void. I’m gonna have to save up for a new one... this is a very nice drone! Insta: @Corpe.Cody
xander lxs
xander lxs 15 dagen geleden
Insta x.s.010_ i am going soon to Finland and I wonna make a super cool video from the amazing landscape.
John Aspired
John Aspired 15 dagen geleden
@johnaspired I would be able to take some amazing Drone shots to include in my content with the Dji AIR 2S
Adam A Productions
Adam A Productions 15 dagen geleden
These videos are just amazing at the moment I’m loving it! I literally can’t get enough of them!
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 16 dagen geleden
That was fun !!!
Stefan Insam
Stefan Insam 16 dagen geleden
I would use it to shoot some epic landscape and skiing pictures and videos ~ ramsesoriginal
Gustaf Schröder
Gustaf Schröder 16 dagen geleden
@gustafschroder Gonna spend the summer in Norway working as a nurse and plan in hiking on my free time so would use it so shot some epic aerial videos :D
Mat 16 dagen geleden
Since the batteries of my Mavic Air (1) only last for a five minute flight I would really appreciate this upgrade @mats_wild_nature
Mystic Prysm
Mystic Prysm 16 dagen geleden
Awesome video as usual! Between you and peter, you guys inspire me so much! @MysticPrysm is my instagram, and I've been dreaming of a drone for a long time. I've been into photography and film making for a while, and this would just take things to the next level!
Sineyopity 16 dagen geleden
I would use the drone to do creative filming of my kids and family to save the memories. Instagram gabriel.mortensen.31
Pedro GM
Pedro GM 17 dagen geleden
The new dji is the perfect drone to complement my FPV drone shooting and take it a step further, and who knows, maybe I'll start working with drone recording, which is one of my dreams. @pedro.fpv
ojas raina
ojas raina 17 dagen geleden
Hey! I started following you through PM's 1M video and have had the notification bell on too since then. I just love your content so much, and with Teppo here, it just is double the fun. I hope I get lucky enough to win this beautiful drone 😍 . With the drone I would be growing my skills even more, in the thing I'm most passionate about, photography and cinema. Much love and support ❤
Anatoly Vasily
Anatoly Vasily 17 dagen geleden
Well I will make videos even better now!
Ryan Yessman
Ryan Yessman 17 dagen geleden
@ryanyessman I'm gonna use it to improve my photo/video game and start my NLblock channel!
Diamondback1288 17 dagen geleden
IG: @Diamondback1288 I would use it for anything I can find! It would replace my Phantom 3 Pro. And oldie but goody! You’re the best Matti!
Ryan melia
Ryan melia 17 dagen geleden
@Ryan_melia_photography I would love this drone to capture the amazing Irish landscapes it would be so much fun
Daniel Neville
Daniel Neville 17 dagen geleden
@stldaniel I would travel to Norway and film the awesome fjords there! DJI Air 2s
Cole Getz
Cole Getz 17 dagen geleden
@colegetz love your channel! I would make better cinematic videos of my amazing city! Sending good vibes from Kansas City 📍
Steel Lens Productions
Steel Lens Productions 17 dagen geleden
Hey Matti, my insta handle is @joshua_m_williamson I've just started my own video production company and with work still only just starting to build up this would add some serious production value to my work!
Dk Ravi
Dk Ravi 17 dagen geleden
Keep up the good work. Fan aka subscriber from India @aka_rdk is my Instagram handle.
Taped Deskman
Taped Deskman 17 dagen geleden
@nikhil_shetty_1720 I am an aspiring solo filmmaker and I don't own a drone yet, although I really really want one to step up my game.
Willbrechts 17 dagen geleden
@willbrechts we will film documentaries for endangered species in South Africa
Stacy Maureen Mitchell
Stacy Maureen Mitchell 17 dagen geleden
Take it up/down Pacific Coast Highway in southern California capturing some pics/videos of California coast. 1st drone IG @stacymaureenmitchell
Phil Eversmann
Phil Eversmann 17 dagen geleden
I travel frequently for work and would love to document the new places I go with different city/landscapes around the country. Would be a great distraction from missing home and growing creatively! @phileversmann
Trace Baldwin
Trace Baldwin 18 dagen geleden
IG tjbaldwin_ I would use it for my business in Real Estate!!
Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos 18 dagen geleden
I want the drone! 😎 @douglassantos
Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos 18 dagen geleden
I want the drone! 😎 @douglassantos
Matthew Gaydos
Matthew Gaydos 18 dagen geleden
@MatthewJamesMedia getting the Mavic Air2S would really take my game to the next level, i’ve been slowly but surely working my way towards becoming a full time creator, and i have so many ideas for shots where i’d need a drone and mine just hasn’t been capable.. anyways, love your stuff Matti!!
tom berry
tom berry 18 dagen geleden
instagram; Ga0ussou I would definitely start the final piece i’ve been saving months for to get my cinematic career. I want to start on instagram making cool cinematics, hyperlapse and short clip then migrate to you and make 20k by the end of this year
Brian Sweetnam
Brian Sweetnam 18 dagen geleden
My two favourite things drones and jet skis best video ever 🤟
Mateffy Istvan
Mateffy Istvan 18 dagen geleden
@mateffy_istvan I would gladly chase skiers here in the French alps
H4KM 18 dagen geleden
@henrik_km Would love to photograph norwegian surf from above!
COWRI’S CANADA VLOG 18 dagen geleden
I moved to Toronto from Japan, I have been vlogging on my small NLblock chanel. Would love to have this for my vlog🌸!!! @cowriscanadablog
Davey Hutchison
Davey Hutchison 18 dagen geleden
Love your videos so much! I've been watching every video since you started daily vlogs about a year ago! Oh and also might as well enter in the giveaway. I would use it to get better footage and up the production value of my work... Also it'd be a great upgrade from my Mavic Air 1 which is still great but the Air 2s is soooo much better! Thanks Matti!
Marco Nereu
Marco Nereu 19 dagen geleden
@marco.Nereu I don’t think that I can afford the shipping costs 😂😂
Chase Cardinal
Chase Cardinal 19 dagen geleden
Love your vids Matti and the podcast as well!! I would love to take pictures with this drone from some new perspectives. I have been looking at drones forever now and this thing is amazing! my Instagrams are @Chaseo69 and @chacardi_photography Keep up the amazing work!
Kyle Forte
Kyle Forte 19 dagen geleden
@kylejforte It will be the cherry on the cake to my wedding films start out, after finishing your course 🙏🏼👌🏼
Joseph adam
Joseph adam 19 dagen geleden
My insta is @insterion and my two brother and I would make car videos with it.
Gaëtan Brulet
Gaëtan Brulet 19 dagen geleden
Incredible drone !! I want it noww!!
Behind The Woods
Behind The Woods 19 dagen geleden
Hi, nice and fun movie, you guys do crazy stuff. If I won the drone I'd go Poland where I live and film more nature, it's getting to the best season here, the green mid and late spring!
Raeez Hendricks
Raeez Hendricks 19 dagen geleden
Matti, Teppo is the best addition to your channel... the brotherly bond you guys have is soooooo awesome. Really loving your videos 👌🏾. Keep up the good work @raeez_hendricks
Melissa Hough
Melissa Hough 19 dagen geleden
This is such a fun video! I would love to use this drone in the Grand Bend area to shoot some similar shots. I'd be interested in doing this when someone is paddle boarding/kayaking too! #melissahoughphotos
Ralph Vrieling
Ralph Vrieling 19 dagen geleden
Love this video and Matti's laugh :-) | @ralphvrieling I would use it to create music video's (epic drone shots).
felix dimmerling
felix dimmerling 19 dagen geleden
@felixdimmerling i would love to shoot urban areas from a different perspective with the drone!
Ryan Widicker
Ryan Widicker 19 dagen geleden
ryan_w_photography is my instagram. This video was so fun to watch. Who am I kidding, all your videos are fun to watch. What Would I do if I got this drone? I learn how to use it. Lol I have always wanted to professional drone but haven't ever gotten around to get in one, so learning how to use UT would be my first step.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 19 dagen geleden
Insta: _benji_ (*one underscore before and after "benji") capturing immaculate shots at my lake house of the jet skis that'll put the bubbles in your water
Keegan Robin
Keegan Robin 19 dagen geleden
*BEST VLOGS EVER!* @heykeeg I'd use the Air 2S to rev up my NLblock channel with dope shots and better storytelling
Philippe Fortin
Philippe Fortin 19 dagen geleden
@philippefortin96 Be epic to get drone shots of camping, fishing and just exploring trips I wanna do this year. Explore more of my region in western Quebec :) love the content dude
68 Nord
68 Nord 19 dagen geleden
I would take it on every single hike i do in the next years 😍@sven350330
Mark Studio
Mark Studio 19 dagen geleden
I would give the Mavic Air 2s, to my brother, it's his dream to have one, but he can't afford it.
Marzokki 19 dagen geleden
With DJI Air 2S I would step up my photo game. Would finally learn how to drone, went outside my home office more often, and connect with my inner photo-child for a greater fun of photography. My ig is @tomaszewski.m
Wes Sullivan
Wes Sullivan 19 dagen geleden
So happy watching you guys have fun all the time! For the drone thing, I'd be able to do much more and get deeper into photo video, since I haven't been able to afford a drone up to this point! Insta: _wes_sullivan
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