Sony A1 Review // Smaller, better, faster 1DX3 & New Hybrid KING 

Matti Haapoja
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00:00 Intro Footage
00:23 First thoughts
00:42 New 1DX2?
01:14 Insane Photos
04:37 Amazing Sponsor
05:45 Footage is unreal!
09:35 Overheating?
12:20 More fun features
14:00 Who is this camera for?
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8 feb. 2021




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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja 2 maanden geleden
Anybody selling their car to buy a camera? 😂 I proooobably shoulda said the price as a negative but i think we all realize that haha
Dom 13 dagen geleden
Its not for people who own/thinking of buying a car worth $6k... probably they can't afford even a
Clouder 27 dagen geleden
Can it make a time-lapse video in camera yet like some Canon cameras can or do you still have to do it the photo way and stitch in LR etc.?
V_STANDS_FOR_VALUE 2 maanden geleden
I'd spend that money on a Fuji GFX100s
Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez 2 maanden geleden
You can reach her through Vwhat’s aPp. + 1... 7... 8... 6... 5... 0... 4... 5... 7... 0... 1...
Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez 2 maanden geleden
My trading mentor; Karen Plotkin runs an investment platform like that. I paid $3000 just last week and today, she paid me $8,000. It's amazing!
Suzanne Stein
Suzanne Stein Dag geleden
If you are a stills photographer, street, documentary, reportage you do NOT need the ridiculous flip lcd screen. Please Sony never ever make cameras for bloggers. Make cameras for PHOTOGRAPHERS. That flip screen is awful when you’re finely calibrating images, on the fly, creating great images....not having a model walk toward you while making a NLblock video. Additionally, not every camera will be suited to video and blog. Super high end equipment should never cater to anyone other than the most serious image makers.
Alexander Orlov
Alexander Orlov 6 dagen geleden
But can you boil an egg on it?
Clouder 12 dagen geleden
Testing the video in 8k outdoors in direct sunlight test seems to shut it down pretty fast in other YT videos I've seen, so maybe a software issue? I've seen heat issues get fixed with early non production models before, so hopefully this is the same thing? The no flippy screen is not a big deal to me, but I honestly think both versions are bad. Sony needs to re-engineer a new type of articulating screen. I think some innovation can happen there for sure and I think it would require a slightly bigger body on the backside for that to happen, but I wouldn't care if it got bigger. I know Sony has this thing about being compact no matter what, but at some point it can work against you when trying to support a certain market segment that wants it. I mean Sony has a lot of different camera models now, so why not diversify in body size?
mrfive 13 dagen geleden
"...8K might make sense to use..." 0h K... ( 0K )
Rod Inatie
Rod Inatie 24 dagen geleden
Can you go into s35 mode in 4k120??? I use it all the time on my a7iii, and need it to work the same way in the A1 in any 4k mode, especially 4k120
Michal Sadowski
Michal Sadowski 26 dagen geleden
Great review! As for the lack of the flip-out screen - I think it is patented by some other manufacturer and Sony only gets permission to use it on certain models. I'm sure it is one of the features that are mostly designed by their legal them rather than their engineers ;)
tommy lee
tommy lee Maand geleden
Iphone pro max is better
intelgen Maand geleden
This thing is fucking GOD's eye!!! I love Sony cameras!
James Morales Photography
Why NLblock algorithm? I don’t even follow this fellow anymore lol Great camera if from what I’ve heard the AF at 30fps would be more accurate and the same story with the video AF it’s bad, also heard that in real world shooting image quality drops and noise level increases. I mean I know there is no perfect camera but the staged in studio technical tests are not reliable at all. But am excited for what’s to come from all these new cameras
Michael Stone
Michael Stone Maand geleden
The A1 is a superior camera but their color science is no where near canon.
Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov Maand geleden
An interesting question is how will A1 be vs MX3 ... which if compared will be on top :) Great video Matti love your way of explaining :)
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi Maand geleden
I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with *metro_kelvinfx* on Instagram as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades .
Dustin Does It All
Dustin Does It All Maand geleden
Matti I’m fairly new to filmmaking and I’m curious. With the release of the new BMPCC6K pro, with it not having auto focus I feel like that camera would not be useable for what I do, but 2500 for incredible footage is hard to pass up. What gives? Who is that camera geared towards
Anime Alpha
Anime Alpha Maand geleden
Canon : Here's EOS R5, We finally beat sony. Sony :
The OneX
The OneX Maand geleden
come on you vloggers! we don't need flipout screen, tilting screens are better! these cameras are aimed at hybrid shooters and hybrid shooters are behind the camera 99 percent of the time!
Julien Merelli
Julien Merelli Maand geleden
such a useless video!!! big waste of time!
Diego Teliz
Diego Teliz Maand geleden
Great review! I would love to know PM opinion about this camera... I know he's married to Canon... but just curious to know what he thinks about it 🤔
C C Maand geleden
Downside is also iso range. it is inferior (30000) to a7c (51200)and even more inferior to a7s3 and yes the main downside is the flip screen that both of these cameras have. Personally i think 8k for video useless. And the footage and photos take more space on the cards and hard drive. Too much expensive. I could not find a difference between 8 bits and 10 bits with a side by side footage comparison. This is why i picked a7c and i love it. A1 cost 3 times more and is certainly only for real professional photographer or productions company to have a need for 8k content. But no one has 8k tv, so it is only beneficial if you want to crop. And we rarely crop a video. For photo the 50mp are useful but the iso low light must be inferior to smaller sensor despite giving more details. And i am not admirer of noise remover tools that destroy the details even with the latest paint shop pro ai tool that i have. Show us a footage with a7c or a7sIII in very dark scenario compare to a1, so you can prove what you announce. I doubt the 50 mp will be that good, dixit Sony specs.
Baiheng Chen
Baiheng Chen Maand geleden
LOL Nikon doesn’t deserve an answer 😂😂😂
Paul Barbera
Paul Barbera Maand geleden
I love love love the flip out screen, it’s perfect. I shot a lot interiors, its just prefect, use it all the time. I think its only Vloggers that complain about it.
Dannyon Maand geleden
10:48 Many professional photographers are not fan of this flipacreen. This is a first photo camera and a second video camera. This Camera is not for NLblock/Instagram.
Brian Satoer
Brian Satoer Maand geleden
Hi Matti.... You're doing a great job reviewing. There is however one big flaw in your review. I think that as a reviewer it is your job to look at multiple aspects and in this case it looks like you're missing one crucial point. A flip out screen is great for videographers and for some photographers but for some it is just terrible. To look down on a flip out screen you have to have it sticking out on the side. As a professional wedding photographer I can tell you that that is not the way to go if you have two camera's hanging on your sides on a Moneymaker harnas. I also use the Spider Holster and you'll definitely break a lot of screens if you keep those sticking out. It also takes to much time flipping them out and back in when your shooting on the run. From a wedding photographer standpoint the screen on the A1 is just the kind of screen which works perfect. I get where your coming from and you also compare it to the Sony A7S III and that has a flip out screen because it is aimed at videographers. I think the A1 is a great tool for video but the majority of features is aimed a bit more towards the photographer. Especially action/wedding/sports photographers. I love my A7Riv but I hate that is still has banding and rolling shutters issues. My A9ii doesn't have much issues with that. So the A1 would be a killer for this. That's way they have the 50MP sensor, the dual cards slots, the great AF and stuff like the fastest flash sync. So looking at the fact that most features are aimed at photographers it's logical that they went with a tilting screen and not a flip out screen.
Jay Real Steel
Jay Real Steel Maand geleden
Dude it looks like you went all in on sony.
PIXELvoiz Maand geleden
Here in Sri Lanka you can get decent car for that price :)
TheMikker 2 maanden geleden
Me watching this video, where you talk acidentally in 480p 😂
Bernd Kistenmacher
Bernd Kistenmacher 2 maanden geleden
Hi Matti, greetings from Berlin. Have you seen the Anamorphia 2 by Make Art Now?. Have you been involved in this project (DJI stuff, OneWheel...)? Its so amazing... Best regards Bernd
Quaweds 2 maanden geleden
27k computer? surely that's incorrect ay?
antant06 2 maanden geleden
Pros and dentists :p
J Wanger
J Wanger 2 maanden geleden
Granted that’s a 27,000 dollar computer hahahahahahahahahahaha.
zischler 2 maanden geleden
"It runs smoothly on my computer" - uses a Mac Pro That was too much Matti :D
Andreas Jaekel
Andreas Jaekel 2 maanden geleden
I prefer this screen
Andreas Jaekel
Andreas Jaekel 2 maanden geleden
Wtf you dont use the viewer?
Muriyanto Muriyanto
Muriyanto Muriyanto 2 maanden geleden
this dude never uses an EOS r5 , did he just said now sony has animal eye autofocus and bird eye autofocus, he loves how sony comes up with new stuff that even us never think about before? LOL well R5 already can shoot bird's eye in the wild very accurate before ur beloved alpha 1 came out
Dominick Mcnulty
Dominick Mcnulty 2 maanden geleden
Everyone has to see how we have some fun after a hard days work like you, so go check out Grom_Squach channel to you might likely it just as much as you did this one I know I did be safe everyone.
MhdZki Zaki
MhdZki Zaki 2 maanden geleden
what is your timeline fps?
David Kuria
David Kuria 2 maanden geleden
Great review Mattl! I think they didn't have the Flip LCD screen to sell/market their monitor/phone Xperia Pro. I've got my eyes on this camera though...
V_STANDS_FOR_VALUE 2 maanden geleden
With 6.5k i'd buy an XT4, 16-55, 50-140, 90mm f2, batteries, gimbal and ot would still be less money
Aaron Van Domelen
Aaron Van Domelen 2 maanden geleden
Just for anyone wondering, H.265 420 files can be decoded with acceleration on the GPU with most moden GPUs. H.265 422 currently can NOT be decoded using GPU acceleration. That's why Canon R5 8K 422 footage is slow and difficult to edit on most machines, while this 8K 420 footage is mostly fine.
Wasid Siddiqui
Wasid Siddiqui 2 maanden geleden
please help me Sir 🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤ Thankyou for this informational vlog. It's so generous of you to give camera and a watch as an appreciation to your subscribers. I am an aspiring student who wants to learn more with photography, but the problem is, we can't afford buying any type of camera. I don't know if you will consider my entry since I came from a different country (Philippines) But i would still try my luck. This could also help me and my family as a source of income when i totally learned how to improve my editing and photography skills. Thank you
Wasid Siddiqui
Wasid Siddiqui 2 maanden geleden
please help me Sir 🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤ Thankyou for this informational vlog. It's so generous of you to give camera and a watch as an appreciation to your subscribers. I am an aspiring student who wants to learn more with photography, but the problem is, we can't afford buying any type of camera. I don't know if you will consider my entry since I came from a different country (Philippines) But i would still try my luck. This could also help me and my family as a source of income when i totally learned how to improve my editing and photography skills. Thank you so much.
John Landry
John Landry 2 maanden geleden
Man I really wish this was in my price point. If i didn't buy the A7Siii, I really would have considered it as a hybrid shooter. Makes a lot of sense as a long term investment. Man just release the damn A7V at this point. I need to see where my money is going lol
Joao Mansano
Joao Mansano 2 maanden geleden
Matti please, can you explain th Brazilian Havaiana flip flops some day? Hahahahaha
Nadjib 2 maanden geleden
thanks man, amazing video, perfect footage, i just love it.
24Steevy 2 maanden geleden
Great Review, except one thing: the articulating screen is a no go for professional photographers especially in sport and action photography.
Christian McKeown
Christian McKeown 2 maanden geleden
Sony are geniuses. They knew that the flip LCD would be the one thing that would differentiate the A1 enough from the A7SIII that it would appeal to different markets and not cannibalize their own camera, but also wouldn't mean they had to sacrifice on any other specs. Very clever, Sony, very clever.
jarekz 2 maanden geleden
Do you have 8 K monitor ?! Because you can't see 8K at 4K monitor . It's impossible. The same like you can't see 4K at HD monitor. 4K you can only see at 4K monitor or TV. Otherwise videos are just scaled. You know that, yes ? 8K video will be outstanding experience at 8K TV.
T Jolley
T Jolley 2 maanden geleden
I want to try this camera out so bad ! This looks amazing
Владимир Бязров
Looking at all these amazing cameras like A1 and R5, all I can think of is fuji gfx 100s. Always wanting something else.
Stuart Tracey
Stuart Tracey 2 maanden geleden
Amazing footage. Time to start saving! :)
Roman The Explorer
Roman The Explorer 2 maanden geleden
It bad be damn smooth for $27K
Jorge Suarez
Jorge Suarez 2 maanden geleden
the simple answer to this camera is putting the fuji tilt screen from the gfx 100 where you can also flip it horizontally. People seriously need to relax with flip out screens. Its just so awkward having the screen on the side of the camera.
David Newton
David Newton 2 maanden geleden
4:2:0 is easy to edit. R5 doesn’t have a 10bit 4:2:0 option
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 2 maanden geleden
They do the screen cant flip up or on side because they want us to buy Sony phone 2500$ as monitor for this 🤔😕
Andy Salinas
Andy Salinas 2 maanden geleden
So your $16,000 is not enough for you ? that you need another couple of thousand dollar camera to capture "cinematic video" (pure slow motion push in shots) wow really "Pro", sorry but this needs to be said, I wanted TRUE CINEMATIC content from you Matti but... you're just excuses, and anyone who's a true fan of the channel knows what I'm talking about.
Whaever 2 maanden geleden
No flip out screen is a big negative for vloggers yes, not for filmmakers though. Flip out can be extremely inconvenient in various shooting scenarios. I have the A7SIII after, upgrading from the A7SI, and I really wish it would have kept the original design. The best design though is what Panasonic did with the screen on the SH1
EyeCaptureImages 2 maanden geleden
When NLblock photographers wonder why everyone thinks Sony pays them off... this video is why.
Jimi Can Read
Jimi Can Read 2 maanden geleden
If anyone has bought one of these and regrets it because of the non-flippy screen, I'd be happy to swap it for my Panasonic G80 with its flippy screen! I'll even pay for the shipping ;-)
darthjump 2 maanden geleden
Why is this video so dark
Izak Burlo
Izak Burlo 2 maanden geleden
I love my R5 so much but geez Sony is so tempting I definitely wanna get one someday
Kevin Manalo
Kevin Manalo 2 maanden geleden
Let's put everything we have, except flip-out screen!!
Beast Player Gaming
Beast Player Gaming 2 maanden geleden
I prefer tilt over flip out, the flip out screen looks unprofessional to me and not practical for professional. This Camera is obviously not for vlogger.
Matt Bane
Matt Bane 2 maanden geleden
Tilt is better than flip, unless vlogging. But then again, McKinnon went how long vlogging with the 1DX? And he seemed to do sorta alright ;)
Tim Barber
Tim Barber 2 maanden geleden
Matti curious have you ever looked at a Ulanzi UURig R031 Vlog Customized Flip Screen for Selfies Mirrorless Camera?
Gary Wong
Gary Wong 2 maanden geleden
Keep the money and buy Sony stock. Then buy the A1 Mark 2 with your profits when they add a flip out screen.
Travis Varga
Travis Varga 2 maanden geleden
very cool...luckily as7iii still reigns supreme 8)
Daniel Anthony
Daniel Anthony 2 maanden geleden
In a few months another camera to outdo this one . If you can’t make great content on any camera today then there is a creative problem not the tools
Jose A De Leon
Jose A De Leon 2 maanden geleden
Hello. Jose from Puerto Rico. I have a question. You showed the camera in silent mode taking 30fps for stills. Could that be the preferred mode of shooting to avoid wear on the mechanical shutter? Sorry for my ignorance on this.
ImYelico 2 maanden geleden
Where can I get the overlay in this minute? 0:49
Hero Shotz
Hero Shotz 2 maanden geleden
If someone buys this camera to vlog ...... i have a space ship to sell them brand new in box 📦 ✨ 😍
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart 2 maanden geleden
So sweet but seriously no flip screen. What age are we living in.
Aaron Duke
Aaron Duke 2 maanden geleden
My $27k computer had no issues editing 8k from my gifted $6500 camera. It's a good job your such a nice bloke 🤣
Armando Prieto
Armando Prieto 2 maanden geleden
Canon will answer but they will find a way to severely cripple it. They just can't help it. Canon has a deep seeded love of giving their customers less than their monies worth.
Koen Vrints
Koen Vrints 2 maanden geleden
please stop. this is 10 min I will never get back in my life
Jonas Westermann
Jonas Westermann 2 maanden geleden
About that non existing flip-out screen: You kinda said it yourself why it's not there - and I believe it was Jason Vong who also said it. This camera is for those behind the camera, not in front of it. The pros - those shooting weddings, sport/action photographers, etc. So I get it.. Buuuuut I'd still like a flip out screen too. My old Nikon D5100 has one. My new(er) Sony A6500 doesn't, and omg I miss it when shooting vertically holding the camera close to the ground. :P
Rodolfo Pring
Rodolfo Pring 2 maanden geleden
Can’t compare it to anything. It sits on its own. This is an A9II that’s faster and 50MP! A9II + A7RIV + A7S3 = A1!
LoukiMein 2 maanden geleden
at this point, I either keep dreaming about it or just start a gofundme... Cause holy she expensive yall
Camilo Pachon
Camilo Pachon 22 dagen geleden
Go back to smite, loki. U drunk!
Darkmage4 Productions
Darkmage4 Productions 2 maanden geleden
With H.265 Most graphics card for instance the Nvidia GPU's the 10 series all the way up to the 30 series is able to handle H.265 4K+ codecs. If you use OBS, you can use either H.264 or 265. Which 265 is recommended for 10 series+ Nvidia cards. Paired with an i9 or Ryzen 9 3900x+ it should be powerful enough. I can do 4k fine, and I can do a phones 8k with a breeze on my zen 9 3900x 12 Core Processor and 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz RAM with an Nvidia 1060 GPU. (Waiting on the 3060 to be in stock!) It's all about how the processing is. I don't know what your Mac's processor has in it, or what graphics card it has or to the amount of ram and speed it has. I forget what it has, may have to go back to your video that you talked about it on. But, I'm thinking it should have at least the last gen i9 or at least i7. (Mac is usually intel) With probably a 2070 or 80 GPU Over clocked with 256GB Ram? If I am not mistaken? IF it does have that amount of RAM, then I can only assume it's processing it quite literally fast along with the graphics card you have. Unfortunately you pretty much pay for the logo. Can build the same computer for twice the less of that, Even if its an i9 processor or i7 last gen. (I'm not up to date on Intel. I'm an AMD gamer. lol) Someone who has a laptop that's either 700 dollars or whatever, or even a prebuilt low end PC would NOT be able to handle 4k let alone 8k.
Vedant Nagare
Vedant Nagare 2 maanden geleden
❤️ 🔥 💯 ✌️
Longrider 2 maanden geleden
A1 has no competitor yet
Sofie Jaszczak
Sofie Jaszczak 2 maanden geleden
you are always so enthusiastic and happy, it's amazing. continue the good work. and how cool is it, that there are two of you now😀
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 2 maanden geleden
The no flippy screen is clearly designed to make you buy their new smartphone/camera monitor.
Takahiro Oda
Takahiro Oda 2 maanden geleden
People comparing Alpha1 with Canon R5 but what are they gonna comparing with when (and if) the Canon R1 comes out?
Season Ascent
Season Ascent Maand geleden
Its crazy how similar they are at such a big price difference. The R1 will be insane.
Dlinorbit 2 maanden geleden
Nobody's talking 'bout dat low key beautiful song
Ilan Passi
Ilan Passi 2 maanden geleden
Love it
Anuj Gakhar
Anuj Gakhar 2 maanden geleden
can u recommend the best camera to buy for photos + videos b/w 1000-2000$
Nathan Covey
Nathan Covey 2 maanden geleden
Why was the 1DX Mark iii a let down? I love mine!
Season Ascent
Season Ascent Maand geleden
If anyone things the 1dxiii is a let down, they have no idea how to use it.
Shane Faye
Shane Faye 2 maanden geleden
Canon? What's that?
Sajjad 2 maanden geleden
Your brother's sudden smile is so good. Whenever he smiles I also smile. You're also firing last couple of days. Keep this vive going.
Jerimiah Cook: Motivation
Jerimiah Cook: Motivation 2 maanden geleden
Nice video but you guys had Hellboy skin tones in the sauna/lake
White Mic
White Mic 2 maanden geleden
The A1 is def a beast.
AMINE KABBAL 2 maanden geleden
Please give me ur opinion for my videos
officialjeremy 2 maanden geleden
Hmmm what about its ruggedness and weatherproofing? Will it stand up to the harshness of the weather like the Canon 1dxs and the Nikon D4's will?? If you are saying it will compete with it then why was that not included? I get the features but will it stand up?
Sebastian Patrick
Sebastian Patrick 2 maanden geleden
are we seeing 8K VLOGS in the future haha?
monibstar 2 maanden geleden
Bird autofocus 😅
Sam Hartfield Lewis
Sam Hartfield Lewis 2 maanden geleden
Thanks a sounds a bloody good camera, why haven’t the companies starting putting electronic NDs in ? would only be a bit bigger surly. Screwing nds on and off sucks.
Ericramone78 2 maanden geleden
You MacBook Pro is $27,000 dollars?
Rui Frias
Rui Frias 2 maanden geleden
I'm so sorry you started using Sony, because, I don't know why, but since you stopped using Canon, even, Canon non flagships cameras, I started to see a lot less time of your videos, I like your content but I don't know what really changed other the Switch to Sony from Canon. I stay a lot more bored at the middle of the videos and I have to see it 3 or 4 times to enjoy it or stop watching all together. Sorry, Love your content the same.
Forrest Gibson
Forrest Gibson 2 maanden geleden
This camera is definitely killer for people looking for an all in one. I'm wondering if it's in a weird spot though. For the price you could pick up a cinema camera like the Z Cam F6 AND a dedicated photo camera of your choice (A7RIV, XT-4, 5D Mark IV, etc...)
Daniele Bragaglio
Daniele Bragaglio 2 maanden geleden
I am advocating for this kind of tilt screen. A flip screen is a 2 steps operation every time you use it, it makes a big difference when you must be ready to shoot. You may not like it, I get it, but it is not a minus.
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts