The honest truth about get rich quick 🤑 

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25 feb. 2021




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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja Maand geleden
What money/finance topics are you interested in? Should we talk more money?
Jonathan Wise
Jonathan Wise 4 dagen geleden
Matti, I loved the video (deep diving into all these areas myself working the plan to get there, working the FICO, FIRE, yadda yadda, despite Covid setbacks and unforeseen career tumult), but I'll be honest- while I consume most every Matti vid, I skipped this one bc the title/thumbnail didn't suggest the true value within-THIS IS GOLD! It was only through the magic of auto-play that I finally got to it then loved your presentation and will forward to friends as your accessible take on real compound interest values on typical Index fund returns from invested savings is SO much more immediately illuminating than the specialty channels quickly get, especially for people who haven't already gone down this rabbit-hole and have a real sense of what that $250 a month Starbucks habit (or avocado toast, or whatever, lol) is future costing themselves. While I know titles are a tricky balance of clicks vs content, (as discussed on M&P show😉), and compound interest isn't sexy clickbait in a title/thumbnail (and don't want to be THAT GUY you mentioned on the M&P podcasts as poorly criticizing thinking they're "helping"🤡), perhaps workshop the future titles on these topics just a tad more to suggest what's within the tiniest bit more?? A slight twist like "The truth about get rich quick versus what REALLY works" even would've had my click weeks ago, let alone "Forget Get Rich Quick- Get Rich, Right". [Harvard Grad with MBA though with years of distinguished Sales/Marketing and a bit more background in this area, so take that as you will- my experience with encountering this vid after ignoring may be completely different than your other viewers engagement or lack thereof, idk for certain, just felt I could add value this ONE time without being a jerk.] Also, the more recent How much you make on NLblock was 🔥PHENOMENAL🔥- think you could safely add this lane within your other traditional content and blow up even more- forget 2021 mirroring 2020 as you predicted, sky's the limit with this passion too- great work, and thanks for diversifying!!! Answering your question: "How to hack the credit game" (or some other title that leads to the bare bones overview of credit scores, and the basic benchmarks of utilization, mix, payment history, and how much debt is costing both in $$ and score could be helpful to many viewers who wouldn't otherwise seek out what should be basic school-age advice).
Andy Tyson
Andy Tyson 27 dagen geleden
@Mirta Wulf Cool! Took like 15 mins but it reallyworked!!
Mirta Wulf
Mirta Wulf 27 dagen geleden
i dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack xD
Bradley Kelleher
Bradley Kelleher 29 dagen geleden
How to flip larger amounts of money
Jared Martin
Jared Martin Maand geleden
This was a great video and youtube needs more content like this. I see a lot of folks commenting about finance and investment advice in general, which is great, but there’s already a lot of content like that out there. I think a strategic gap to fill would be that intersection of business, personal finance, and photo/video creators. There’s a couple of folks out there doing that but we need more perspectives and it would be great to hear yours! 😁
Earl Kekana
Earl Kekana 4 dagen geleden
Matti, I can't tell you how uplifting your videos are. It is just beautiful to watch and makes me excited about being a creative!
Lilly Schwartz
Lilly Schwartz 6 dagen geleden
I agree with many things you say here, but not with the Money = Hard work thing. Why? Well, how do people really become a millionaires? By being privileged enough to be able to save $1000 bucks a month while the average person barely manages to make rent with 1-3 jobs. Usually this is facilitated by having parents who can pay for education. And I come from a country where education is supposedly free, but you still need to cover living expenses. I have friends who couldn't afford to go to uni because making rent needs a full time job and another friend had to pay their way with a degrading striptease side job! It really taught me how effing privileged I was just by having parents who could afford to send me to uni without having to work a side job! My straight As were a direct result of not having to juggle work and studies. It just goes to show that hard work doesn't get you anywhere on its own, poor people work a lot harder to barely make rent than privileged people work to save $1000. And to make matters worse, in many cases there is no path for a poor person to get out of their situation and get to a point where they could save and invest. Of course most people who are privileged are somewhat blind to this because they only see their own hard work in the equation and are usually surrounded by people from the same social class and background. For them the work is the only variable in their social class whereas there are many more variables for people of other classes, genders and backgrounds. Nobody can become rich without the privilege of having the right parents or the right friends and this includes you. After all, Pete boosted your growth on NLblock quite a bit and you said so yourself in your podcast! By the way I say this not to dismiss any of your hard work, it's practically a given. I'm just adding that hard work really isn't enough for a lot of people! Privilege works in a similar fashion as compound interest, only less easy to transform into numbers. Basically it's like having an extra income from birth by having parents who make enough to pay for your education or even caring at all that you get an education in the first place! Of course you're right about get rich quick schemes and everything you say about saving and compound interest, but getting to a point where you can put away $250 a month in the first place is quite impossible for a large percentage of the world population. It's something to be aware of when you talk about money on a platform that reaches not only your own social class and background but a diverse worldwide audience of all backgrounds. One pretty simple example is this: A camera costs the same no matter whether you live in a country with an average income of $250 or $2500 a month. Living in a high income part of the world is an incredible privilege for anyone doing NLblock already!
Julio Vásquez
Julio Vásquez 7 dagen geleden
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 excelente vídeo!!!.
WoodcraftBySuman 7 dagen geleden
This is the best explanation on how to become wealthy. I will add, though, there is a luck component in some success; wether it is in investment platform, starting a new venture or job opportunities. Sometimes luck plays a significant role.
Name Redacted
Name Redacted 9 dagen geleden
Been working hard for the last 15 years... I have no money. I don’t party, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t have a car, I don’t have a house, I don’t have anything but the clothes on my back. Hard work= Nothing but pain and a loss of half of your life.
V.S.M.O CH 20 dagen geleden
V.S.M.O CH 20 dagen geleden
Olaf Schermann
Olaf Schermann 22 dagen geleden
I totally agree. Now i make more money with money than i could earn with work. But it took me 20 years to get in that position. The big bucks came the last 5 years. And the best investment is in yourself (your business). There you can control your investment and can get more growth than compared giving it to the bank or a trader. But you are right, it takes time and work to learn how to do it right.
Ragheb Orfali
Ragheb Orfali 22 dagen geleden
I feel like Matti secretly has half a million lying around in an account somewhere.
Erik Sopracasa
Erik Sopracasa 23 dagen geleden
Or you can invest in crypto :).
Tommy Nordpole Hikes in Norway
Well said from the beginning to the end! :D
Vansky 27 dagen geleden
I know someone who literally sleeps and earn money... the guy streams how he sleeps, maybe if he has insomnia that would be hard for him to sleep LOL I think he's on twitch
Gil J. Antonio
Gil J. Antonio 29 dagen geleden
I really appreciate the fact that you are giving advice on this topic of money making and "hikigai" because when it comes from a person that has been in the game as long as you, it's easier to get the message. Thank you and keep it up mate 👌🏾
Emi Yanap
Emi Yanap Maand geleden
I will comeback later to watch this video when I am start being lazy doing hustle
Andy Finney
Andy Finney Maand geleden
Would happily watch more videos about money.
André Hallberg
André Hallberg Maand geleden
I really really agree with all of this, but I gotta admit when I started mining on my gaming/editing PC it really felt like free money and still does 😂 not making me millions but hey money is money
Ángel Soto
Ángel Soto Maand geleden
more videos like this
Belenus Johnston
Belenus Johnston Maand geleden
Like the vid but let’s be Honest being a NLblockr I’m gonna buy is a lot Easier working very full time job
PROJECT ANUBIS Maand geleden
Ima need a lot more NLblock subscribers! Anyone wanna tag along!!! 🙃 Love what you do and NEVER work a day in your life ~ this is an offer you can’t refuse 🤌🏼. 👍🏻 from🗽🇺🇸
John D U L G H E N S
John D U L G H E N S Maand geleden
It is not about working hard. It is about working hard and smart, save and invest. You don't need to work hard but smart and use leverage and debt to get rich. Yes it takes time, there is not such a thing to get rich overnight, only if you inhered the wealth or you win it on a lottery. Most of the people today wants fast gratification (fake rich) instead of save first or "pay your self first" and then invest in real investments for passive income. Poor people work for money and trade their time, but rich people don't work for money, they buy time and assets and use debt to get rich.
I think you already gave us the answer🙄... instead of buying a car, buy dividends, e.g Tesla... To be rich you don't need to spend your time =money, just let the money work for you 😉... I guess you'll be rich enough when while your sleeping, money works for you, meanwhile doing things, remember time is our biggest resource, unfortunately not rechargeable 😔
Lorenc Cala
Lorenc Cala Maand geleden
To be honest I skipped your video just from the title, two days ago:) And I though man not you Matti. Now I am glad I am watching it.
ASCraft_Germany Maand geleden
You have a pretty good point here and you simplified it really good. There's 2 things I wanna add: 1. Invested money can be lost too. 2. If you know a risk-free investment fund that guarantees me almost 9% interest a year for 30 years straight tell me, I'm sure I'll get a huge credit for way less interest. But your point stands of course. And these ads annoy the sh*t out of me. Keep going Matti, love your content
Sean Mendoza
Sean Mendoza Maand geleden
Glad I tapped into this vid it was inspiring and very true what you’ve said no matter ur age great vid brotha I think ur onto sumpin great keep up the GREATNESS and thank you for the vid 😎🖤
Boum Atlaz
Boum Atlaz Maand geleden
This video made me love you!
Sai Vihaan
Sai Vihaan Maand geleden
Many people think they can just buy a bit of btc and sit back to get rich I can't see a fate playing out like that and so far many have lost more than they've have gained with the sideway movement and unpredictable nature of digital asset. This make it risky market but the risk is eliminated with the right set up. easily found out that the goldmine hidden in bit coin would not be exploited by buying and holding but trading daily. I went fully into day trading when I was introduced to Mr Greg Jackson signal service Within five weeks of trading with his assistance I grow my portfolio to 5 btc. his system though very sophisticated and accurate is very easy to use and also serves as a medium to learn how to trade. Y'all can chat him on +1. 7.1.9.) 2.2.0-
Jealin anderson
Jealin anderson Maand geleden
I'll message him asap
Jealin anderson
Jealin anderson Maand geleden
Yeah this is what I need
Donald welch
Donald welch Maand geleden
I must message him right away
Steven bray
Steven bray Maand geleden
I just love this expert
Casandra linda
Casandra linda Maand geleden
@Jeanette bryson trade with an expert like Mr Greg
Sai Vihaan
Sai Vihaan Maand geleden
Many people think they can just buy a bit of btc and sit back to get rich I can't see a fate playing out like that and so far many have lost more than they've have gained with the sideway movement and unpredictable nature of digital asset. This make it risky market but the risk is eliminated with the right set up. easily found out that the goldmine hidden in bit coin would not be exploited by buying and holding but trading daily. I went fully into day trading when I was introduced to Mr Greg Jackson signal service Within five weeks of trading with his assistance I grow my portfolio to 5 btc. his system though very sophisticated and accurate is very easy to use and also serves as a medium to learn how to trade. Y'all can reach him on WhatsApp +1. 7.1.9.) 2.2.0-
marcOverIt Maand geleden
You need to create an asset for yourself - you can make value out of thin air if you are able to work hard at your likely won't get there by *just* being an employee. If you're great at something, people will pay for your skill.
Alric Braganza
Alric Braganza Maand geleden
I agree to Matti's equation of wealth.
Muhammad Waqar Ashraf
Muhammad Waqar Ashraf Maand geleden
More videos on money! There, I said it. Greetings from Turku, btw. :)
Prabij Shrestha
Prabij Shrestha Maand geleden
How to get rich quick? Get a printer and print money and ofcourse keep yourself far from authorities. And anyway its a hardwork though. 😁
Why Steve
Why Steve Maand geleden
So what do you do if you work hard and nobody wants to pay you? Do I suck or am I unlucky (put it blunt and be constructive please.)
Nurses To Riches
Nurses To Riches Maand geleden
The dropshipping phenomenon is disgusting. I made 17k in one week as a dropshipper. I could have lied, made a course, and told people they could do it to. But, the reality is that these dropshippers mostly talk about gross revenue, not net! After paying for advertising, cost of goods, hosting services, and other miscellaneous expenses, my 17k in revenue turned into $200!
Joakim Andersson
Joakim Andersson Maand geleden
My dad always told me: save at least 10% of your income. That's some solid advice. Furthermore, after ~12 years on the stock market, all I can say is, don't bother with stock if you're not gonna be 100% focused. Invest in semi-risk funds. They will follow index pretty well and someone will take care of them for you. Keep your head cool and stay in long-term.
Carlo De Bortoli
Carlo De Bortoli Maand geleden
That was the greatest video you ever made. Thanks a lot for sharing
Hills Media House
Hills Media House Maand geleden
would love to do more on money, but please do it on a separate channel
Rocio Giulietti
Rocio Giulietti Maand geleden
Someone wins 150k per month in only fans with Porn, thats hard work!
Ram J. Sta. Ana
Ram J. Sta. Ana Maand geleden
well said, work hard, save and invest! i will always keep this in mind
Cole McLester
Cole McLester Maand geleden
Great video Matti. the worlds greatest life hack, work.
TT Maand geleden
You can make a lot of money by having rich parents without doing anything
RobsuVlogs Maand geleden
Can you please do a export settings video for premiere pro cc? Thank you! Awesome Video!
Waseem Khan
Waseem Khan Maand geleden
Matti, are you testing this finance money etc topic for average CPM?
Jaleel Brown
Jaleel Brown Maand geleden
They make 30K a month by selling their courses to people who believe it will work for them.
Josh Ames
Josh Ames Maand geleden
A lot of these "get rich" schemes do work, but they actually aren't "get rich quick", they actually require hard work. People just wish that it was that easy.
CTown Media Company
CTown Media Company Maand geleden
preach it dude, that break down at 3min is exactly the formula!!
Leslie Coelho
Leslie Coelho Maand geleden
Excellent video. I wish we could get more people to understand this
Sandalo Studios
Sandalo Studios Maand geleden
Amen Matti!
Kvo Nation
Kvo Nation Maand geleden
Dope vid man
Mauro Villanueva
Mauro Villanueva Maand geleden
Hey Matti ! I Love Your Vids Man. But You Forgot To Add That The Money Gets Taxed ;)
web_atiku Maand geleden
loved it tell those bullshit kids that are just wandering around on this platform thinking they would get money from one picture
William Alexander
William Alexander Maand geleden
Scammers work hard to figure out how to scam more people therefore get richer quickly. That’s the meta for them lol #Broken ! Btw I feel like just got out of math class after watching this video but definitely enjoyed this kind of math ! Nice job matti 👌
Ploppy McPlop
Ploppy McPlop Maand geleden
Add this to the list of things I wish people had told me when I was young enough for it to have made a difference. I will be forwarding this video to everyone I know that has kids.
k hirano
k hirano Maand geleden
Well said Matti
Kolap Yellow
Kolap Yellow Maand geleden
Win lottery??
Michael Montez
Michael Montez Maand geleden
This is the one video I have to keep watching over & over. Loved it!!!
Michael Montez
Michael Montez Maand geleden
One of your best videos yet! You know what you're talking about. Foot to the pavement. Elbow grease or what have you to get what you want. Money makes the go 'round because it's it takes a lot of Action / a lot of hard work to make all that cheddar, bacon, bread, dough, mula , etc., etc.
Call Me Nekto
Call Me Nekto Maand geleden
Matti, please, do more! That was VERY inspiring.
Mauricio Celis
Mauricio Celis Maand geleden
I’m loving these financial videos, please do more.
Mauricio Celis
Mauricio Celis Maand geleden
The dream isn’t to take away work hard, the dream is to choose your work hard and who you do it with. -Matti I absolutely love this.
Hot Brews and Top Views
Really enjoyed this video, its the kind of thing I probably should have heard from my dad 20 years ago 😂
Jim Maand geleden
With the crisis now how are people going to put away 1000.00 with no work most companies are not hiring this what I am hearing and talking to people
Jim Maand geleden
No offense, but no one know if we going to last that long, but want to work hard at lease I do, banks doesn't give enough interest
Andrei Restrepo
Andrei Restrepo Maand geleden
For videos on this please! Would be cool to see bts on stuff you actually use like things you invest in and all that. Great video man!
Kardashians. Sitting on their butts. Best joke ever 😂
Shalem Katuka
Shalem Katuka Maand geleden
It's True Matt...Money earned through Hard-Work gives us the ultimate Satisfaction in our Life..❤️
Sam Andrews Chronicles
Hey Matt, great video...But what if your 52 years old like I'am. What's the best solution when your time is running out?
Esa Kamonin
Esa Kamonin Maand geleden
Many people don't even consider planning for retirement.
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma Maand geleden
It is possible to be rich in a short period of time but it may not be quick. People with businesses/startups can become rich in 5/10 years but it's hard. Ask a young rich person they will never say they got rich by just saving and investing. Books like The Millionaire Fastlane and listing to Naval Ravikant should help. ✌️
A.J Galecki
A.J Galecki Maand geleden
i love this, more people need to hear it
Six Impossible Things
Six Impossible Things Maand geleden
To be honest I came here because of Peter McKinnon vids... At the beginning I though u were little bit arrogant (don't ask me why, just a stupid prejudice) but I wanted to give an opportunity to ur vlogs... And I discovered that prejudices are just stupids... You're such a cool guy and very honest. This video is a perfect example of it! Giving inspiration to work hard, to follow our dreams! Thanks God I decided to watch a couple of ur vids and now I can understand why Pete loves u so much!
JenniMi Pa
JenniMi Pa Maand geleden
Hei joo, oisko podcast tai sarja videoita nimeltään Matti Kukkarosta 🤭
Ferry Gelluny
Ferry Gelluny Maand geleden
some people work super hard, and it still almost impossible for them to save more than their spending.
Mobile Motion
Mobile Motion Maand geleden
and NLblockrs know videos about money making make higher ad revenues than other subjects...
cresc Maand geleden
Hi matti, I'm your fan since lots of time. I'm from italy, here, especcially in the south of the Italy, none sees videomaking as a good work and none believes that it can be a profession. I alway struggle to fight against everyone that I know because none wants that I take this way. I spent all my budget on videomaking stuffs and I'm the only one that believes in it. I'm writing this comment because you're really helping me to fight against all the difficulties that are in italy and I found you very inspiring. I'd really apprecciate to get in touch with you, I believi you're such a kind person and I'd really apprecciate to do something for you, or in general, to prove that this is a work that matter. I know the videomaking is hard for everyone but I can say 100% sure that in italy is harder due to old, settled mentality.
adi simon
adi simon Maand geleden
I underatand your situation, im going through the same problems here in romania, but even so i manage to get projects here and there, never give up no matter what happens, work hard and never lose your passion, trust me one day things will change and you will prove everyon that they are wrong 😉 stay creative
The Think Show
The Think Show Maand geleden
I've been teaching people how to grow wealth for more than 40 years. Everything you said Matti is completely true. Wish more people would take that advice.
Chris Busuttil
Chris Busuttil Maand geleden
There's a great Australian book titled The Barefoot Investor which talks about disposable income (income after rent, bills, food etc). I agree with your point about investing but it should go beyond that, your disposable income should be divided into 3 buckets. 1. Fire Extinguisher - for emergency items, accidents, damages. 2. Smile - To purchase or experience things that make you happy. 3. Invest - invest in your future. Sure it's important to invest, but if you're in debt because your car breaks down or you're struggling with mental health because you haven't had a break from work in years, investing won't take you very far. Highly recommend the book.
Lucas Navilion
Lucas Navilion Maand geleden
you are missing a step. finding a passion. please do a video on that.
Foundation 33
Foundation 33 Maand geleden
spittin a bunch of fax out here
El Project
El Project Maand geleden
Precisely 👌
John Michael Dornoff
John Michael Dornoff Maand geleden
There is no such thing as getting rich quick, and as you said, Matti, it takes a lot of hard work. Some disparage the sports star that are making a lot of money but they didn't just start making that money. They practice hours upon hours their entire lives. I have a brother-in-law who always is looking for that next get-rich-quick scheme. His first wife and he lost a lot of money on it. They eventually divorced and he remarried but his new wife kicked him out after a short time because he lost thousands on a get rich quick scheme. Now he is over 50 years old, having to live with his mother, and has nothing.
R matrix Klionceaun
R matrix Klionceaun Maand geleden
Thank you!!
Balogun Emmanuel
Balogun Emmanuel Maand geleden
Yes! More videos talking about finances and investment! Really great Matti 🍻
Jon Productions
Jon Productions Maand geleden
Stocks and crypto
Dhruv Saha
Dhruv Saha Maand geleden
in simple words, it was great!
Botski Maand geleden
Ootko suomalainen?
Imaginrr Maand geleden
Hey Matti, don't forget about the impact of inflation...
Артём Чередниченко
Great video! More financial education!
Jimmy Stewart / Filmmaker
Brilliant! Well said. I think especially in the video and photo world, a lot of creatives just don’t know enough about the business side of things. It’s great that more and more are being said and taught 🙌🏻
Dawson Allurut
Dawson Allurut Maand geleden
Really well said!
ShangleLP Maand geleden
more vids about money :D
Y Cre8te Films?
Y Cre8te Films? Maand geleden
Thanks for sharing and bringing the real!
Phillip Bridges
Phillip Bridges Maand geleden
Nailed it Matti. 👍
Nick Selleck
Nick Selleck Maand geleden
Love it! Love the honesty and openness Matti. I’m lucky that have a business doing the thing that I love - riding motorcycles. Many people would kill to do what I do. But it doesn’t mean it’s all lovely. Sometimes I spend more time away from home than I would like and there is always the risk of physical injury. But, I am essentially in control of what I do and how I make money. There are always new opportunities presenting themselves and ways of making $$ (like making NLblock videos) but I have to decide what type of work I enjoy doing and then work hard at it. The wealth is coming slowly but it is definitely a long play and I can see things differently now at 48 than I did at 28!
Ryan Ludlow
Ryan Ludlow Maand geleden
Thanks for the insightful video Matti. My son is 8 months old. I think it is time to set up an investment account for him with regular $250 deposits.
odaily Maand geleden
Matti Haapoja: What video am I gonna shoot today? : Oh Yeah Financial Advisor
I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me?
Good timing. Thanks, you literally pulled me out of a funnel that I knew better than to be trapped in.
Bertini Diaz
Bertini Diaz Maand geleden
Hello from Cuba🇨🇺 Matti, you're awesome, I love all your videos!! Still doing great bro !!!
Tim Barber
Tim Barber Maand geleden
Amen Brother!
Joris Delorme
Joris Delorme Maand geleden
ok, so I'm French and I would like to know how I can invest in " vanguard total stock market index fund ".
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts